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Schoology Tests and Quizzes: Lunch and Learn

No description

Katie Ritter

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Schoology Tests and Quizzes: Lunch and Learn

Just in Time:
Schoology Tests and Quizzes

Lunch & Learn
Go To:
Professional Development Course in Schoology
In the Lunch & Learn folder, you will have a Teacher Toolkit for this session.
Please Sign In!
Question Banks
Lunch Room Rules:
Participate often
Share information with your peers
Positive, constructive ideas welcome
Please avoid complaints and "I can't"'s
Don't get hung up on little things
Clean up after yourself
See you at the next
Lunch & Learn
on January 23!
Please take a few minutes to fill out the L&L Survey found in Schoology
If it Walks like a Quiz and Talks Like a Quiz...
Grading by Student
Grading by Question
Let's Build a
Quiz/Interactive Assignment!
Please open the "See a Quiz From a Student's View" quiz to become acquainted with different question types.
Unlimited attempts allowed, if you want to access at a later time to review
Doesn't mean it
to be a quiz!
if you set a due date, need to go to "Past"
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