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Based on my outgoing nature people label me as being strong

No description

Alexis Rogers

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Based on my outgoing nature people label me as being strong

Under the surface I am actually quite different than what I appear to be.....
Based on my personality, people label me as being strong, confident and outgoing........

Little do they know that who they see.....

is just the tip of the iceberg!
I am shy!!!
I have extreme test taking anxiety and can not speak in public.

This is the main reason that I chose on-line courses to complete my degree.
I am a homey type
I enjoy staying at home with those who are the most important to me, my Fiance, my two boys, and my dogs.

I enjoy:
Family Adventures/Outings
Peace and Quiet
And can scrapbook for hours on end
On-line Persona
I try as hard as possible to stay off-line.

My refusal to join the "Cyber-World" makes others think that I believe I am better than everyone else, all because I refuse to return e-mails and tweets or comment on Facebook posts.

The truth is, that I do not believe I am better than anyone....... I believe that I am just the same as everyone.
Until you know me..... THE REAL ME

Don't judge me on who you think I am, whether on-line or in-person!!!!!
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