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Trick or Truth

Faulty Reasoning

Tiffany Mooneyham

on 13 February 2015

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Transcript of Trick or Truth

Are they tricking us with faulty reasoning/fallacies -or- are they giving us the truth?
Faulty Reasoning
Trick or Truth?
Trick or Truth?
Trick or Truth?
Trick or Truth?
Trick or Truth?
Trick or Truth?
What is Faulty Reasoning?
We already know that persuasive texts and advertisements encourage readers to think or act a certain way.

In addition, we know that they use many different persuasive techniques to persuade, e.g. glittering generalities, bandwagon, testimonials, “plain folks”, rewards, and fear.

An advertisement that uses any of these persuasive techniques may also be using FAULTY REASONING/FALLACIES.
FAULTY REASONING is when someone tries to persuade by using
misleading ideas
in the place of
factual/realistic information
Misleading Ideas are ideas that are
! They just don't make sense, and they
wouldn't happen in real life
Factual/realistic information are ideas that seem
true to life
. They make sense because they are
based on fact
, and they are
Example of a Misleading Idea:

Velvet Sheen's lavender fragrance relaxes you. And when you're relaxed you perform better on tests! You should try it!
Example of a Factual/Reasonable Information:

Come and stay at the luxurious Azul del Mar resort. We have many exciting amenities like a gorgeous infinity pool, tropical beaches, and deluxe spa packages!
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