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Leadership Practice and Legacy Presentation

No description

Tory Chase

on 17 June 2010

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Transcript of Leadership Practice and Legacy Presentation

Personal Philosophy and Practice of Leadership Presentation Tory Chase
Leadership in Action LED450A
Professor Anderson & Dean Waters
April 28th, 2010 Common Good / Legacy Project Orienteering Course Facilitating Teaching & Mentoring Leadership & Group Dynamics Outdoor Education "Becoming a teahcer pervades everything I do on campus" "Elon prides itself on being a teaching and service community - my teaching facilitating, and mentoring conitnue to add to the spirit and uniqueness of the University." Design and Physical Course Mentors and helpers
Dean Waters
Mr. Tom Flood
Peter Tulchinsky
Jackie Koehn, Travis Shute, Peter
Friedriches, & Evan Small Purpose and Future Use Sport, leisure, group dynamics and leadership Education Activties
Lesson Plans Challenge Course
Alternative to the usual CC Center for Leadership Campus Rec Outdoor Education Courses Isabella Cannon Leadership Progam Emerging Leaders Phase II Phase III Phase IV Leadership Fellows & ICLP AYLA Lead Lab
Group Dynamics
Heavy courseload - Organic Chemistry Personal Change - Cooking
Organizational Change - Challenge Course
Lead Team - Student Director of Challenge Course
Study Abroad Peru Common Good Project - Elon Orienteering Course
Omicron Delta Kappa Secretary
Jamaica Service Trip Elon Orienteering Course Research over-involved
stressed -out/busy
over-whelmed Crazy fun "Bag of tools"
Confience and direction
Development and growth as a leader
"I consider leadership as the ability to influence other people an focus them on a particular subject or goal. Individuals assming leadership roles have the power to take charge of a situation although there are mnay different types of leadership styles, each leader has a capacity to guide others" Phase V and Beyond! Graduate and return (I just can't leave!)
Teach and Graduate School
Teacher/Pofessor/Curator Who is Tory Chase? Myers-Briggs TAIS TEST Strenths Quest Personal Teaching Philosophy ISFJ / ISFP
Quite, friendly, responsible, dislikes disagreements, concerned with how others view him
Intrversion, Sension, Thinking, Judging/Perceiving Control,
External/internal distractibility Achiever
Includer Teach "whole student"
Progressivism (connect to real world)
Perennialsim (rigorious, classical study)
Variety of teaching strategies - specific needs
Positive teaching efficay and engagement My Philosophy Journey of self discovery
Act of encouraging others
Faciliating, mentoring, & teaching
Transformative leadership in the cassroom
(1)Self awarness, (2) Hands-on experiences, (3)Reflection "It's important, when going after a goal, to never lose sight of the integrity of the journey" - Andy Garcia Questions? "If you are off by 5 degrees you wll end up on another continent" - Leo Lambert
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