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Patriarchy's Negative Effects on Men

No description

goofy goof

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Patriarchy's Negative Effects on Men

Patriarchy's Negative Effect on Men

The Strong Man

Fear and being emotional is a sign of weakness
• Expected to tolerate hazardous conditions.
• Men don’t seek for help as often for issues like depression and health conditions

Men are likely to prove their ‘toughness’ which often leads to inures and at times death.
Violence aimed at boys is easily dismissed by adults and are accepted to deal with bullying on their own.

The Dominate Male
Dominance is idealized over cooperation and partnership and any differences will be pointed out and used to determine “superiority” and “inferiority”
• terms like homophobia, trans phobia, fat phobia are common
• men in oppressed groups are severely harmed

Men resort to violence to prove their dominance over other men and women.

Manly Boy

Many men don’t receive fatherly love and affection
• Leads them to keep a distance from their children
• Incapable to develop strong bonds

The Prefect Man
Ideal man or woman
• Pale, straight, wealthy, settled, able-bodied, thin, tall etc

Men how do not fit this identity will be seen as threats and the ideal man will use violence and humiliation to assert dominance over men who do not fit into the proper identity (gay men, fat men, etc.)

Powerless Women and the Feminist
The resentment some women inevitably feel at being treated unfairly leads to a wider sense of resentment by many women toward men. This hostility strains relationships of all kinds

Patriarchy without a doubt is more dangerous and has more negative factors for women than men

Some men do not receive time off or any vocational leaves for paternity, prenatal or family in general.
Good workers a.k.a Good men do not invest or ( waste time ) on family and are expected to work excessively and over time more often than women
Expected to be the bread winners
Too Femine
Prisons are dominated by males
Haven’t developed coping skills for dealing with negative emotions
• Emotionally destroyed by relatively manageable traumas such as loss of a job or romantic relationship
Men are forbid to expand beyond patriarchal gender roles and often find themselves only a shadow of the person they could be. They will never fully embody all of their potential positive qualities, or feel the full range of human emotions

Some women inevitably absorb societal ideas about appropriate male behavior and appearance, leading them to romantically reject men who do not meet these arbitrary standards
"Women are the victims of this patriarchal culture, but they are also its carriers. Let us keep in mind that every oppressive man was raised in the confines of his mother's home."

Shirin Ebadi

Women's Issues
Amrita K.S. Gill
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