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English Seminar on Major Theme of book "Little Bee"

reem said

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Corruption

Corruption A Major Theme In Little Bee Corruption and
Government Media Different Forms of Media: Media can have trouble tracing actions that people make back to them Corruption Through Media why is corruption still happening? What would have happened
if the Government ever took action
towards the corruption? corruption is an CAUSES PERSONAL OPINION EFFECTS EFFECTS AND CAUSES left a big impression
spoke to me and I couldn't put it down
effectively hides the main point which sets this book's story
earnestly keeping the reader stringed along unofficial activity "The British and Nigerian government both deny to this day that [the oil war] ...even took place," (Cleave, Little Bee) - About 19% says that businesses do not take the issue seriously enough

- 21% on unethical behaviour is widespread amongst public officials

- 28% on corruption and bribery related crimes are not prosecuted

- 29% said corruption is widely accepted as a fact of life. Newspapers
Online data bases
Social Media ( Facebook, Twitter)
Magazines "People are 21 times more likely to be killed by a businessman than a murderer or a criminal." can inform people about current events, and sway societies perspectives/opinions through things like Propaganda AN INTRODUCTION TO CORRUPTION Corruption and WW1 there's not much difference, their roots both having risen from greed and human selfishness, their purpose is to satisfy the overwhelming appetite of the abusers of power. Corruption is a war that should be dealt with and won against. Corruption is the lack of honesty and taking advantage of the trust that people put into you, and abusing this trust for self gain by accepting bribes in order to do a favor to a person, corporate company and so on ENDING OFF WITH SOME WORDS OF ADVICE NEVER TAKE PART IN CORRUPTION
YOU can AFFECT Innocent Lives,
INcluding Yours HOPE YOU'VE ENJOYED THIS PRESENTATION :d Corruption is the event that sets everything in motion in the novel of Little Bee, without corruption we would not have a story The real development of priorities of a country are often neglected in favor of those that generate the greatest personal gains for the decision makers (Samura, The Negative Effects of Corruption...to stop corruption "The British and Nigerian government both deny to this day that [the oil war] ...even took place"(Cleave,Little Bee)
This shows that the government pleads ignorance Little Bee loses her home family and everything she knows
"Little Bee fled...from what had once been her village and was shortly to become an oil field.She fled from the men who would kill her" (Cleave,Little Bee) "Not his affair...Him say, this is black man business..."First time I hear white man say my business not his business. You got our gold. You got our oil." Purpose: - inform people about things happening in one’s country / around the world Little Bee is a book based on two different perspectives affected by the oil war in Nigeria. The two perspectives are from a modern English woman named Sarah and a 16 year old Nigerian girl named Little Bee. The Government's control extends over everything we do & in a way they control what they want us to believe They can censor certain things from public or show/say something specific Genocide in Rwanda took place b/c Hutus felt oppressed Tutsis = landowners
Hutus = workers Europeans wanted Tutsis' to gain power which Hutus didn't like Hutus decided to take out Tutsis with knowledge Europeans gave them about weapons no one called it a genocide b/c government used media to tell everyone that it was not classified as one no one called it a genocide b/c government used media to tell everyone that it wasn't classified as one Hutus' used radios to persuade everyone to go against Tutsis Hutus wanted to get more people involved & on their side while government left the two parties to fend for themselves without any help from others eg from text "That season in Nigeria there was an oil war. Andrew and I hadn't known. The sturggle was breif, confused, and scarcely reported" shows that media hid fact about Nigerian Oil war and not many had known about it Sarah + her husband went on vacation to Nigeria without knowing about oil war and found out about it through foreign office. They were advised not to go but they still went thinking there destination wouldn't be affected "The British and Nigerian governments deny to this day that it even took place." shows that the government is still set to their views and don't want to accept the fact that they may have been wrong to the public through media shows how media contributes to persuading/ trying to make the public believe certain things people can hire others to get rid of you for them
prevents making themselves look involved and ruining their companies/their reputation
can accomplish their goals through black mailing/ threatening
person can pay hefty amount of $$$ to hired person so that s/he doesn't tell media about their involvement "She fled from the men who would kill her because they were paid to, and the children who would kill her because they were told to." village was located on top of land filled with crude oil that company wanted to mine
villagers were getting in way of companies profit/sales
company hired men to murder everyone + escaping witnesses
Company would look like they're the good people getting oil for society with village eliminated before media steps in
media + society wouldn't know about village/villagers that used to live there b/c there would be no "evidence" left Both examples show how people hire others do to things for them so that nothing can be traced back and their reputations cannor be ruined by media the government pleads faked ignorance which causes destruction and death Environmental effects industry initiatives - Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

- UN Global Compact’s Principle 10

- World Economic Forum’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative

- OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

- Business Principles for Countering Bribery
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