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Digital Learning Revolution

No description

Natalie Crosby

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Digital Learning Revolution

Digital Learning Revolution
Learning Management Systems: Schoology and Moodel
Most learning management systems allow a user to do the following (What is an LMS? , 2013) :
Create groups of students (classes and often groups within classes)
Upload documents, videos, audio and links for students to view
Communicate with students (and often parents)
Keep a calendar of events, projects, and tasks
Assessing student learning in a variety of ways: formative and summative assessments and autonomous polls
Promethean Tables
Breakout Sessions
Science and Math with SWAG

The idea here is that you can take any engaging idea (in this case it was cliff diving) and make it into a lesson.

Use engaging apps to make the learning experience more fun and authentic.
Why something like Moodle is better than Edmodo
Ease of use: Information is nested in folders, making it easier to locate
Data Usage: Contains spreadsheets detailing students’ progress, including which content has been viewed and which assessments have been taken
Remediation: Assessments and remediation can also be set only for those students who did not meet the requirements of prior assessments.
Collaboration: Allows content and resources to be shared among departments, schools, and system
(Moodle, 2013)
There is a genius in all of us
The supreme art of the teacher is to awaken the joy of creative expression and knowledge. -Albert Einstein

There is a creative genius in every teacher.

Technology will not replace the teacher but rather allow for teachers to create more engaging learning experiences
What Is It? and How Does It Work?
Digital Storytelling is the sequence of related events (or plot) told through a digital medium using animation, audio, music etc. to convey a message. (Example: “Epson workforce project” and “rude awakening” youtube videos)

To make this work: Apps!!... and websites!!
See handout for more information
Digital Story Telling: Why is it important?
It is important because it allows teachers to reach all learning styles; it can take the place of handwriting (for special ed), uses critical thinking skills, technology, visual literacy, global literacy, research methods, collaboration, interview skills, problem-solving and presentation skills.

Elements of digital storytelling include:
Point of view
A dramatic question
Emotion appeal
Sound Track
Motion and Rhythm

What students really need to do:
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