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Madagascar vs Lord of the Flies

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Jen Steele

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Madagascar vs Lord of the Flies

The movie Madagascar is very similar to the novel Lord of the Flies, by William Golding. Marty, the zebra, tries to escape the zoo, just like the boys try to escape the war. The animals are sent away for safety. The boys are sent away for their own protection against the war. The animals fall off the ship and wash up on an island. The boys' plane is shot down and they land on a perfect island. In both the movie and the novel the animals/boys land in different places, but end up finding each other. When the characters first land on the island they are civilized. The boys are good British boys. Maurice uses a conch to introduce King Julian. Piggy and Ralph use the conch to gather the boys and call assemblies. Dead airman Both islands don't have people. The animals and the boys both start out in a group. Marty leaves the others to go to his own side of the island. Jack leaves the big group to create his own. Both characters offer for the others to join them if they wish. Alex like Ralph wants to be rescued and tries to get the others to create a fire. All the others want to join the "fun" side of the island. Gloria and Melman go and join Marty and the boys leave Ralph and join Jack. The lemurs in the movie are terrified of the Fossa and in the novel the boys are terrified of what they think is a beast. Alex and Ralph both give in and end up joining the fun side. Alex starts turning wild. He begins to think everything is steak. The boys begin to obsess over getting meat, they start becoming savage. Alex wants meat so bad he tries to hunt Marty. Jack and the boys have such a craving for meat that they begin killing pigs often. In both the movie and the novel, when rescue arrives they are still in separate groups. Marty is circled by the fossa just like the boys circle the pigs while they are hunting. The similarities between Madagascar and Lord of the Flies are very evident.
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