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No description

Nitin Aggarwal

on 16 August 2012

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Transcript of sd

Techkriti'13 Post Applied For:
Head Marketing Nitin Aggarwal 3 Head Marketing 15 Executives 15 Junior Executives 10 Volunteers To develop a proper marketing knowhow from the very beginning To achieve as much budget as possible for the festival.
To try and get a Title Sponsor for the festival.
To initiate and maintain a sustainable and mutually beneficiary relationship with the sponsors. Proper distribution and monitoring of work
Track of banners after the festival
Proper coverage of the branding
provided to the sponsor
Fulfillment of the commitments made in MOUs
Sending links to videos showing previous year branding to the sponsors.
Showing sponsor names in the various event videos. Marketing and MnP Proper coverage of events from sponsors' point of view
Recording of talks, shows, exhibitions and major happenings for the future
Involvement of MnP in matters of media partner, magazine partner, presenting partner, broadcasting partner Credentials and Past experience Marketing executive, Techkriti'12
Junior marketing executive Techkriti'11
Finance executive Techkriti'11
Finance executive Antaragni'11 Marketing and design Designing of marketing brochure and other pre-festival publicity material
On campus branding material Getting in touch with previous year's and probable sponsors.
Contacting embassies, PSUs and MNC's Update last year's database
Designing of marketing brochure, proposal and letterhead August-September
Assigning proper sector wise companies among the team members October-November Contacting companies coming for ppt's
Extensive calling of companies to secure as much funds as possible during this period December-Feb Contacting companies coming for placements
Extensive marketing in kanpur region
Planning properly the on campus branding during the festival Timeline Sending feedbacks Scope of Improvement Mission and Vision Post Festival New SAC as branding avenue Team Structure RFID:This can be major branding technique and hence can be used to attract sponsors Branding avenues such as helium balloons and pvc inflatables Floor branding Mentioning sponsors on the registration mails sent to participants Registration number to start with the name of a sponsor Branding on shuttle service March Making proper arrangements for visiting sponsor
Helping out the core team in other aspects for smooth conduction.
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