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Skill-Related Components of Fitness

No description

Benjamin Sangiolo

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Skill-Related Components of Fitness

Skill-Related Components of Fitness The Skill-Related Components of Fitness Agility Agility Agility in "Action" Agility cont. The magnitude of a person's velocity. Speed Speed Speed "In Action" Coordination Coordination is used all the time! when we walk, run, drive, play games, etc. sports such as baseball use coordination, especially when a player is hitting the baseball. The skill-related components of fitness are... Agility is important in lifelong health/ wellness because it is the all around ability to move.
Sports like soccer, football, baseball, etc, all use agility in some way. Agility can be used weekly when an athlete is training for a track event, such as sprints. As often as the athlete practices, he or she will constantly be using and improving their agility when practicing. In a lifelong use for speed, speed is combination of many things. Speed can only have an impact on things such as amount of calories burned or something of that nature, not an effect that is "super" beneficial to ones life or lifespan. The Ability to have complete control of what you are doing. (To know where, how, and when in sports -- To Stay Coordinated)

Throughout a person's entire life, coordination in sports can make them successful because they are AWARE. But coordination goes even further, like when driving a car, or walking! Benjamin Sangiolo Agility Speed Coordination Muscular Power Balance Perceptual Awareness Reaction Time The ability to change the body's position efficiently, and requires the integration of isolated movement skills using a combination of balance, coordination, speed, reflexes, strength and endurance. Sports like soccer, basketball, baseball, track, tennis, etc, all require that the athlete have some amount of speed inorder to be successful in the game. Speed is used in instances such as during a track meet or even when you Mom is chasing your little brother around grocery store! Coordination cont. Coordination
"In Action" Muscular Power The ability to exert a maximal force in as short a time as possible, as in accelerating, jumping and throwing implements. Muscular power is used alot! most of the time during sports such as football of the track and field (100m dash or even shot put), but also in instances where someone is doing physical labor. So you could say, muscular power is a daily thing. Muscular Power "In Action" Balance The ability to maintain ones center of gravity Balance Used often in sports like gymnastics, balance is a key factor that enables an athlete to succeed in holding positions or even to perform a certain way. Inorder to have balance, one must be very coordinated as well. Balance cont. We humans use balance all the time! When we use balance to keep us on our feet and to help us head in the right direction. Balance is used all day, everyday. Balance
"In Action" Perceptual Awareness The state or ability to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of events, objects, or sensory patterns. As humans, we use perceptual awareness all the time! Its basically the use of our senses to see or hear, taste or smell, or even touch. We do a lot of these in sports and excersies we do. All sports involve paying attention, touching (in some way or another), and hearing things, doing all of these things would be the use of our sensory details. We use senses all the time. Sometimes even when we aren't exercising. Perceptual Awareness cont. - "In Action" Perceptual Awareness is vital to life. A person can be ALIVE, but what is life or the ability to do things without perceptual awareness? It is what enables sports to be so worth while and unique. Test Your Perceptual Awareness!!! Remember: Balance is VERY Essential to lifelong fitness! Without it, Sports and life would be very difficult to do and even everyday tasks such as walking to school would be a hassle. Balance controls our lives. Muscular Power is the "driving force" for life. Lifelong health and fitness would not be complete without muscular power and it is important to stay fit in this way to be able to perform tasks and hard labor, or even to perform during a sport such as football! WHAT A TACKLE! Reaction Time The ability to react to a situation with enough, energy, speed, force, etc.

To have lifelong fitness, reaction time is key. For everyday tasks such as driving a car, accidents can be prevented with the use of good reaction time. Reaction Time In Sports such as baseball, reaction time is key. Order to hit the ball, you not only need hand-eye coordination, but a really good reaction time. Even is sports like tennis or even during track, you need to react fast inorder to prevail over all the other athletes. Reaction Time cont.-
"In Action" In lifelong fitness, reaction time is said to get worse as you age. Abuse of drugs and alcohol can also effect reaction time. However with lots of brain training, and exercises to keep you fit overall, your reaction time will stay above average! Reaction Time
"In Action" The man is taking a reaction time test. Watch him and determine if he has a good reaction time or not. Generic Work Out Plan For agility, be sure to stretch a lot! That will really help. Do this as much as you can and work your leg muscles a few times a week. Same goes for speed. For coordination, when ever I jump on a basketball court, I like to work on my coordination by walking,jogging, skipping, etc, on the boundary lines withing the arch. Do this at least once a week. Muscular power can be achieved by lifting weights or working all the muscles of the body every other day. Balance can be achieved by working the muscles of the body and with a lot of practice. Try it at least every other day, to work on balancing in one place and then working on the balance of specific stances of certain sports (ex. 3 point stance) Work Out Plan cont. For perceptual awareness and reaction time, at least once a week work your brain by doing difficult math problems or even a crossword. Then do out and do activites such as the man in the reaction time video. test your brain as much as possible. along with regular exercise.
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