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Promotion Strategy presentation from Group 7

João Jerónimo

on 12 November 2010

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Transcript of Absolut

Promotion Case Study: ABSOLUT Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Absolut was found in 1879 in sweeden 1.Provide a critical analysis on the communication strategy of Absolut The target audience of Absolut The positioning you think is intended for the brand The Brand Essence you think was defined for the brand well-educated people;
with a high income;
can afford to eat out;
like to hold parties at their home and to "show off". Premium product, with an aura of exclusiveness.
A premium-priced good for people who have a high income. The heart and soul of a brand Traditional Swedish Premium Vodka 2. Define the business objectives and the marketing objectives (in a SMART way) Business Objectives Marketing Objectives S.M.A.R.T. Leadership positions in emerging markets
Cut costs
Maintain and increase growth in North America and European countries during the economic crisis
Remain competitive
prolong or sign new agreements with third parties covering the distribution
Qualified personnel
Environmental management Media campaigns that secure Absolut Vodka as the healthier and smartest choice among the spirits beverages
Increased advertising & promotion investment
Maintain the creative marketing (bottles, ads) Specific: Maintain and increase growth in European countries during the economic crisis. 3.Propose the Communication objectives and KPI’s to control them Communication Objectives Normally, consumers pass through on their way to purchase like this: European market for Vodka is slow growing, fragmented and conservative
create brand awareness and brand name recognition Level Vodka: create brand awareness Development of emotional brand connections Powerful competitors aim to create a feeling of preference for its product
build conviction that product is the best for the buyer Other segments: e.g. business people, rich women with time and money to spend, etc. KPIs KPIs ?
define and measure progress toward organizational goals
key to its success
long-term considerations KPIs for ABSOLUT Volume and value of sales, in comparison to competitors
- Success Criteria: 7.5 million Euro

Percentage of its income in Euro of each country; number of new sales per country
- Success criteria: to increase number of new sales about 5%

Hold and expand market share
- Goal: 28% market share (in 2008 there was 25% market share ) 4.In your opinion, and based on the objectives set in 3. what should be the communication mix for Absolut’s using the following techniques: Sales Promotion, Advertsing, Personal Selling, Public Relations, Direct Marketing, Others. To create brand awareness
To Reach masses
Ex: Tv ads, Radio Ads, Mupi ads. Advertising Sales Promotion Public Relations Creates brand awareness
Reaches people who avoids advertising
Ex: “Absolut Parties”, “Absolut Contest” Brand awareness
“Buy it now!” message
Ex: Offering “mini Absolut bottles” when buying the big ones. Offering “Absolut key holders” and “Absolut Lighters”. Other Brand awareness
People who do not watch tv
Ex: Facebook Fan page, a Facebook Game, Follow Absolut events on Twitter. Measureable:growth rate of 3% Achievable: with establishing the famous ads more frequently with support from well-known artistsRealistic: after the acquisition there is enough money and important channels available Timed: we will achieve these objectives in 2012 5.Suppose that you wanted to launch a communication campaign to explore the potential from the Absolut Hunk episode. Design the creative brief you would handle to your agency (use the creative brief layout suggested). Positioning Statement Framework:
1. Target audience – people who have a high income
2. Frame of reference – premium product
3. Point of differentiation – aura of exclusiveness
4. Reasons to believe - more than 100years of tradition (a proof of that is the bottle’s label that tells the history of the brand) Original bottle design presented
Inventive and creative “Absolute Ads"
More than 100 years of excellence on vodka production


High Brand Awareness Direct Sales and Direct Marketing wouldn’t be good options

It's an alcoolholic drink so.. it would seem bad trying to “force” people to buy it. Thank you!
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