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Macbeth Comparison between Film and Play!

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Alex Howard

on 15 July 2014

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Transcript of Macbeth Comparison between Film and Play!

Macbeth Comparison between Film and Play!
Ella and Joe appears to be very different characters when they're together compared to when they are not. Macbeth and Joe don't seem as committed to the relationship after the first murder, porbably because of guilt. Ella and Lady Macbeth both manipulate Joe and Macbeth in the same ways and they do this with ease by keeping him close and using the baby stories from the past. The relationship as a whole doesn't really differ as they both experience the same things in the same way
Compare and contrast the relationship between Joe and Duncan to Macbeth and King Duncan in the play.
Joe doesn't seem too fond of Duncan in the film and thats probably why he is very easily persauded to kill him. Whereas Macbeth had a duty to be loyal to King Duncan and didn't want to kill him as he knew the country would go down hill without him. Joe could pretty much already see himself as the restaurant manager before Duncan is dead. Duncan annoyed Joe by stealing one of his recipes and claimed it as his own so that already started the anger between them. Macbeth wanted to be loyal to his King and it did take a lot of manipulation by Lady Macbeth to kill him.
There are 3 main characters in the play they are:
Macbeth, in the film the character is called Joe
Lady Macbeth, in the film the character is called Ella
The Witches, in the film the characterare portrayed as garbage men

In the play supernatural is a running theme throughout all the characters, even Lady Macbeth has some connection to the spirtural world asking to be unsexed. The Witches are the main supernatural offenders by casting weird and peculiar spells on Macbeth and by doing crazy things because someone wont give the witches a chesnut.
The Witches are very powerful people who use another form of manipulation to kick start Macbeths ambiton.
In the film there isnt much supernatural as their is no floating daggers however Joe does apparently see Banquo's ghost

In the film Joe and Ella act more of a couple than Macbeth and Lady Macbeth so she doesn't call him a coward or weakens his man pride to start his ambition. Joe is a very ambitious person himself before the murder of Duncan because he has a restaurant on the line. Ella is also a very ambitious chracter getting hands on with Duncans murder however this backfires when they feel guilt.
There is a lot of ambitious themes running throughout the play and film. In the play they had more to be in control of, a whole country compared to a restaurant.
In the play Macbeth seems a little bit more ambitious because of the second lot of apparations, believing he is invincible to anything.

Does the relationship between Joe and Ella differ to the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare’s text?
Analyse the similarities and differences between 3-4 key characters in the play and film. Are they portrayed the same way? Do we feel the same towards them?
Macbeth vs Joe
Lady Macbeth vs Ella
The Witches vs Garbage men
Portrayed as a role model
Shown in hierachy and important
Short tempered
Curious about the supernatural
Cheerful and happy in the beginning
They both know they've gone too far to go back
everyone loved them
Joe is head chef whereas Macbeth is only the general of Glamis
High class restaurant
Macbeth is very loyal and did things for his king
Joe only wants good for himself and the restaurant
Do we feel the same towards them?
No, because of the difference in hierachy we're made to feel differently to them because for example we see Joe working hard for progress whereas we just hear about Macbeth's fierce bravery.
They all have very different relationships between each other even Macbeth and Banquo
King Duncan vs Duncan the Manager
She uses her words to manipulate him
Power hungry
Both commit suicide
Feels tremendous guilt
Knows what they want

She supports Macbeth
Ellas more flirtatious
Lady Macbeth reacts more to the news
Lady macbeth has some connection to the supernatural
They're portrayed as weird characters
They're seen mostly in the dark
Their presence isn't often welcomed
They tell Macbeth and Banquo their prophercies
Both unnattractive

Garbage men are unimportant characters in the hierachy in society
The Witches are supernatural and fiction
Garbage men are real life characters
Gender role reveral
Symbols and Themes
Both in power
Both decieved
Both murdered
Both respected by many
Duncan the manager is more confident
King Duncan wasnt a huge part of the play
Duncan has more roles in the film
Duncan in the film is seen as an almost brotherly figure

Analyse the similarities and differences between the exploration of themes in the play and the film. You may wish to focus on 2 themes in particular.
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