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Proclaiming Black Power

No description

freeman fulwiley

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of Proclaiming Black Power

Key Points

Proclaiming Black Power
Proclaiming Black Power Continued
In Lowndes County, Alabama, there would be a creation of an all black political party the Lowndes County Freedom Organization
Black Power !!!!!
The Presentation will cover:
Proclaiming Black Power
The Black Panther Party
R.Nationilism versus C.Nationislm
Impact of Muhammad Ali
Black Panther Party

In 1962 James Meredith would unify the students of University of Mississippi,then four years later June 6,1966 he would be shot and be wounded on the second day of his one man march going to Memphis to Jackson, Mississippi
On June 16th Carmichael is arrested in Greenwood,Mississippi on charges of trespassing. This would spark his words of "The only way we gonna stop them white men from whupping us is to take over"

Floyd Mckissick would take over leadership
over CORE then in 1966 expelling white
members and adopting Black Militancy

SNCC would also expel white members
and appoint Stokely Carmichael as leader of organization.
In Greenwood,Mississippi Stokely Carmichael
cries out for BLACK POWER which would call for
a different mindset with tackling civil injustices.
Key Points
Black Panther Party was created in Oakland during the year of 1966
After presenting themselves to the public they would publish the Ten point Program.
They would then do many things for the black community such as. Patrol black neighborhoods, monitor arrests, have breakfast programs and community services often ran by women

As a result of their actions J.Edgar Hoover would target Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and the Black Panther Party as threats which is why he would create the COINTELPRO to counteract these so called threats.
The COINTELPRO would conduct 360 operations of abuse of federal power.Which was illegal harassment,imprisonment, and deaths of many black militants.
Black Panther Party Continued
Deaths like Chicago Black Panther Leader Fred Hampton and Mark Clark were murders by the COINTELPRO
Hampton in December 4, 1969 would create a Rainbow Coalition in Chicago that would unite blacks and hispanics in the common struggle against discrimination, unemployment and police abuse
Cultural Nationalism
Key Points

Maulana Karenga wanted to campaign for African heritage to be more present in black culture.

This meant African clothing, African names,adopting the Swahili language and adopting a gender hierarchy (Women to men)
However Black Panther Party and the US
would fight for influence leading to the fatal
shootout on UCLA in 1969 killing 2 panthers
The U.S. would decline in influence but Maulana Karenga would create Kwanzaa as an alternative to Dec. Holidays which were to celebrated in black communities.
Muhammad Ali
Key Points
Then announce himself as a member of Nation of Islam
He would be convicted because he violated the selective service act which would bar him from ring as well as strip him of his title
But it would be appealed in 1971 and three years later he would regain his title.
What if Huey P. Newton, Martin Luther King Jr. Malcolm X never spoke out against the injustices of racism? Where would we be now?

Which philosophies would be able to tackle today's injustices with police brutality Malcolm X Martin Luther King Jr or Huey P. Newton? Why?
Born January 17,1942
Changed his name to Muhammad Ali from Cassius Clay
Would defeat Sonny Liston for heavyweight championship in February of 1964
The Ten Point Program:
They wanted black control over the black community,
Full employment for black people;
Decent housing,education,
Exemption of black men from military draft,
Ending police brutality,
Releasing all black people from prison,fair and impartial trials with peer group juries drawn from the black community
Sweeping demand for bread,housing,justice and peace.
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