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Patrick Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

No description

Jaci Howard

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of Patrick Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

like weaving.
Duties of a Peasant
Most of the time a peasent works for a wealthy person
like Pharaoh.
They sometimes had to work in construction.
They might have helped build the perimids.
They did Small Tasks
Such as cooking, and baking.
They even had to work for slaves.
Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
They do work for the Pharaoh.
They even have to give him a

bath and dress him...yuk.
Some times they serve the food they cooked.
They amost never owned their own shop.
They had to work for every level.
They did other small tasks
They have to be very skilled at there work
Artisans could do many different jobs
They could be a potter, a weaver, a stone carver, a sculptor, a painter, a metal-worker, a carpenter, and a jeweler.
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