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Good Behavior

No description

Charles Herndon

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Good Behavior

Good Classroom Behavior
Stay Focused
Always stay focused because if you don't then it could cause you to fail the class. It can also lead to you not knowing what to do on whatever worksheet or project you are doing.
Do Your Best
Always do your best in everything you do in class or just anywhere you are. When you do your best then it's possible that you will succeed in college.
Good Classroom behavior is when a teacher or substitute asks you to do something you do it. Do not complain about what you are doing just do what the teacher tells you to do.
Don't Complain
It's best not to complain when a teacher tells or asks you to do something. It's important to not complain because it could lead to bad consequences.
When You Have A SUB
Whenever you have a sub its always good to treat her with respect just like he/she was your actual teacher.
No Yelling

Never yell in a classroom! It can cause you to go to the principle or other bad consequences.
No Horseplay
It is never good to horseplay in the classroom because someone could get hurt really bad and you could get into lots of trouble.
Good Classroom Behavior
Never Give Up
It's important to never give up because if you do give up you might never succeed.
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