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The Hero's Journey: Iron Man

No description

Areanna Navarro

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey: Iron Man

The Hero's Journey: Iron Man
Things change for my hero when he defeats Killian and has to deal with the consequenses.
Call to Adventure
The Special World
The Ordinary World
New Life/Resolution
In the beginning, he has to escape. As his journey goes on, he has to battle or fight with other people who either try to destroy him or make their own suit.
Obviously, Iron Man wins in the end my defeating his enemies. He gets to be with Pepper Potts, and he continues to be the millionaire owner of Stark Industries. I believe that he gave up being Iron Man because he wanted to live a happy normal life since the Pepper situation.
The Herald
This moment changed Tony Stark's life forever, he developed the Iron Suit. He is now becoming tougher and is modifying the original suit into something better.
My hero is Tony Stark. He is a scientist who is inventing new technology like the "The Suits" and Jarvis. His girlfriend name is Pepper Potts. He is the millionaire owner of Stark Industries.
Hero's Identity
Tony Stark's call to adventure is when he gets taken by terrorists.
Iron Man doesn't really have a mentor at all. He comes up with the idea when he needs to escape from confinement.
Before Iron Man, Tony Stark is the millionaire founder of Stark Industries. He makes the first suit and develops from there.
In the beginning, Iron Monger is Iron Man's main enemy who is trying to take out Tony Stark, and Stark Industries. In the latest movie, a guy that used to be a huge Iron Man fan who was dissed by Tony at a party. Now hes a rich, good-looking revenge seeker. He takes a guy who had recently attacked Iron Man with his own form of the suit, out of jail to help him take down Tony. The guy just uses the materials to build his own army of Iron Suits to try and take over the world, I guess......
All in the end of everything, Tony Stark gives up being Iron Man because on account of his actions, Pepper gets turned into a fire fox and he takes out the arc reactor and gives up for good.
I believe there is a connection between crisis and trials because they both involve starting to deal with the problem.
These frames are connected because they both show my hero going from one world to the other.
I feel these pieces of the hero monomyth are connected for Iron Man because they both involve the beginning of his journey and the help he needs.
(The Herald and Call to Adventure)
I feel these are connected because they both have to do with identity and, all around how he has changed and evolved.
They both show the beginning of the hero preparing to transfer worlds.
These frames both are connected because both show a part of the ending to my heros
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