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Technological Advancements That Aided Travel

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Kurt Clare

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Technological Advancements That Aided Travel

Chinese Treasure Ships -450 feet long and 180 feet wide
-Larger than most European ships
-Had 4 decks, held 500+ passengers
-These large ships made it much more easy for goods and people to be transported throughout the world. Magnetic Compass -Developed in China
-Spread throughout the world
-Reached India in the 11th Century
-Reached Europe by 12th Century Gunpowder -Developed by Chinese, spread by Mongolians
- Reached Europe by mid 13th Century and Spread through Europe
-It became fuel for cannons on the treasure ships and was used at sea to fight battles Astrolabe -was a device used to predict position of planets
-gave latitude to help determine their location Without the Astrolabe traveling would be difficult because your location would never be known and you wouldn't be able to travel towards your destination as accurately. The development of gunpowder was what helped the people of that age to clear a path while they were traveling. The gunpowder helped them kill anyone in their path to conquering land during travel. When the magnetic compass was developed it helped people along with the astrolabe to navigate during sea travel. The compass helped the traveler to know what direction they were headed in while the astrolabe told them their current location. They were both extremely helpful with the process of sea travel. The treasure ships were by far the most important technological invention for traveling. It was helpful because it made traveling by sea actually possible and trade by sea convenient. Theses were bigger boats that made travel in big groups more reasonable then a bunch of small boats with people all traveling in the same direction. Technological Advancements That Aided Travel
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