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Mid-Term Break 'Breakdown'

No description

Tiff S

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Mid-Term Break 'Breakdown'

Mid-Term Break'down'
Personal- Its where it all starts
"I sat all morning in the college sick bay"

The poem is, about his brothers death. So to start the poem with the personal pronoun 'I' could suggest that at his age- Young- all he thinks about is himself, and therefore, his 'illness' and 'sickness' sets the scene of a deathly and negative poem; about death and learning to, grow up, and think about others actions, whereabouts and the bigger picture.
Feelings, What of them?
Young Heaney does not seem to talk about his own feelings, maybe because of his age.. he cannot find the right way of expressing them?

"Father Crying" "Baby cooed" "Mother.. angry tearless sighs"
Little notes of young Heaney's poem
Some of the key things to remember in this poem is, (deep breath) Time goes slowly, secrets, guilt, remembrance, death, children, no scene of humanity, devastation, illness, and, cruelty. All these things, demonstrate a loss in innocence for the deceased child ~(his bro) , and young Heaney.
Watch this clip of
Mid-term break
Being read.

Mid-Term Break, Overview
So really, Mid-term break is not a break,
When we think of a break, we think of holidays, half terms, summer holidays, except, for Heaney, its a break because of death. He has been taken out of school, not by choice, not by happy-end-of-term-occurrences but because of an unexpected event that, would, not happen to the average person, which is why Mid-term break is such a deep and meaningful poem, as it is a child dealing with another child's death.
Lights, camera, Seamus!
A few poetic devices used
"Knelling' -the idea of funeral bells

'Snowdrops' -Innocence, purity

"Poppy" - imagery of war, and remembrance
And what about the title??
Breaking down the title can
help to further set the scene of
the poem. "mid" meaning middle,
"term" meaning a period of
learning, and "break" suggests
the gap in the term. so just from that you can see that it is about someone who is of learning age, and takes a break in the middle of term,- but about what? this is why some read on.,..
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