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mark labib

on 10 March 2016

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Transcript of Egypt

The amazing untold discoveries in

are out of this world. With the

views and
beaches and the unbelievable
!! In this "tour" you will know
all about the wars and timelines for
this perfect climate and richness
of the pharaohs. The Greek and
Romans ruled but
never gave in! All hail


Who built the pyramids? The pharaoh said to the slaves to built the pyramids and the slaves had to carry
tons each brick.There is a pharaoh in the middle of the pyramids that died a long time ago like in 1358 BC.
Zoser's pyramid
What is Zoser's pyramid? And
Who is Zoser? Well, this a
long time ago at 2648 BC.
Zoser was a king in the third
dynasty it was the beginning
of the old kingdom. he was
born at 2667 BC and died in
2648 BC. It is said that this was the oldest pyramid built in Egypt, as you knew in the previous slides the pyramids
was built in 1358 BC. The architect was
imhotep and the used bricks was sun-dried.
the pharaoh saw power in this pyramid and
and started as the way to bury a pharaoh.
For the structure there is six stages and
rises of 62.17 meters. His chamber is at the bottom
and there is a simple doorway to enter. the beautiful pyramid awarded to king Zoser This pyramid will always be one of the Great Egyptian architecture.

Right Here

The sphinx is a mythological creature with a body like a lion and a head of a human. In Egypt sometimes the head is resemble the head of the pharaoh.

The Great Sphinx

This sphinx is the one of the largest
and oldest statues in the world. Some
archeologists say it was carved in 2500 BC.
and was meant to have the appearance of pharaoh Khafra. How big is it? The Great Sphinx is huge! It is 73.45m long, 6.1m wide, and 20.1m high.

Why was it made??
It was made it guard the temples
and tombs. The Sphinx originally looked like this: Today:

Why is he missing a

Nobody knows why. Some say it was the
forces of Napoleon. Others doubt it because they say it was there before he arrived. A theory is that maybe the Turkish soldiers hit it in target practice. The last theory is that someone chiseled it off and is known as the sphinx evil.

We think that...

-The pyramids have 2 300 000 stone

- Menkaure, Khafre, Khufu were the names of the pyramids and the pharaohs

The tallest pyramid is Khufu.

-The pyramids where made because it was a monument for the pharaohs and it was part of there religion.

They wer so smart that they made it facing the
exact north south east &west.

-The slaves took 85 years bulting he pyramids they started at 2589 and ended at 2504 BC.
Edfu's Temple may not sound so familiar but is very interesting. It is 60km north from Aswan and is the best preserved temple in all of Egypt. This temple is very young compared to all the temples in Egypt. It was built between the years 237 BC. and 57 BC.
This carved images on the wall do a very common job in Egypt. Most of them tell stories and show the power of pharaoh. This one retell the life of Horus revenging on Seth for killing his father Osiris. And not just he raged and revenged at Seth but they fought in this place.
At the the front of the temple is displayed a falcon as Horus
In 323 BC. when Alexander the great ruled
Egypt and died the Egyptians got there land back and was ruled under the Ptolemaic dynasty. This temple was built in this era on top of an earlier temple.

The Great
Finally in 2005 a paved parking lot was
made for other visitors and in 2006 a sophisticated light system was added to allow night visits.
Horus' Temple in Edfu
Valley Of The Queens

The Valley of the Kings is a burial ground for the Egyptian Pharaohs. It obtains a lot tombs for mummified kings. The queens have there own place too. The only reason it is separated from the rest of the village is that thiefs and intruders will try to rob the place for its goods. That's why it is on the other side of the river.
The two statues of memnon where made by the king named Amenhotep all that is now is 25 meters.They had different names through time.there names were like ruler of rulers,
Tammy and
Elcolossat(which means left and right).On the sides of the statues are reliefs.The temple on the west bank in Luxor.
The valley of the queens are southwest from the village, temple of medinet Habu. The Valley of the Queens was seeing extensive use.
The Tomb Of Tutankhamun
This the most famous tomb in all the valley of the kings. It was first discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter, a british man. This Tomb is largely untouched by
any thiefs. The tomb was full of
awesome artifacts like king tut mask
his mummy and a golden solid inner
coffin. there are many chambers in the room like the burial chamber, the treasure chamber, antechamber and the annex.
The Curses of This Tomb
There is a huge mystery about the curse of the Tomb of king tut Rumors say that it was the tablet inside that had a curse on it and Howard hid the tablet so his workers may not find out. however
people say that this is fake and is make-believe. There were
not a lot of death or bad things that happened when the
people opened the tomb of Tutankhamun.
Facts to Go!!!
~Today tourists can visit many of the tombs including Tutankhamun's.
~Although we don't know who was Pharaoh during the Exodus in the Bible, due to the time frame, it is likely that he ~was buried in the Valley of the Kings.
~Tomb workers lived in a close by town called Deir El Medina.
~Tutankhamun was buried with a lock of hair from his grandmother.

~The valley of the kings
have about 60 Tombs
~Some of the tombs were robbed thousands of years ago
~9 of the Ramses were buried in here
The Temple Of Luxor
The Temple Of Karnak
About This Temple
This temple was originally made for the gods: Amun Mut Khonsu. This was the largest religious building ever built! Karnak was built around 2,000 BC. This place is so huge. It is 100 hectares a place even larger then some cities! The place looks something like this...
Facts About The Temple Karnak
~It is a open air museum and is one of the magnets for tourists.

~It contains a obelisk that stands 97-feet tall and weighs 323-tons!!

~It has a hall about 54,000 square feet. Enough to fit the cathedral of Notre Dame with ease.

~Kom Ombo, a town in Egypt features one of the first nilomeers in the Karnak region.

~Slaves were commanded to serve Amon-Ra in Karnak and to show of there honor they built 5,000 statues.
More Information About Karnak
Who built it?
This place was built by Amenhotep IV
What dynasties did go through?
Karnak was in 18 dynasties.
Why was it built?
It was built to honor the gods Amun-Ra Mut Khonsu
Where is it located?
It is located 2.5 kilometers north from Luxor.
When was it built?
It was built in 1300 B.C.
KARNAK is a great temple built for great gods.
All the tourists can not miss out on this building. Think about it, all Greeks and Romans gods is a big deal to them. Also the egyptians, so to visit the biggest religious temple is something you will treasure all your life.
Luxor is 107 meters tall
and they used the pleas as
a worshiping plase.There was
writing on the wall to tell an
ancient story.

The Luxor temple is in the
contry of luxor so that is why
it is called the luxor temple.
that the statues of memnon is in luxor.
The valley of the queens is where lots of queen meat each other.
.The valley of the queens is in Luxor.
It was dedicated to Alexander the Great in (332-305 BC).
Who Was It To?

It was made out of mud-brick.

The luxor temple was beside the niver nile.
The temple was built by Amenhotep III (1390-52 BC) but completed by Tutankhamun (1336-27 BC) and Horemheb (1323-1295 BC) and then added to by Rameses II (1279-13 BC).
There was a tomb inside the valley of the queens
and it was made at 1570 BC-1070 BC period of 500 years.
There are over 100
tombs inside the valley
of the queens.
Each tomb
has a queen
inside of it.
The queens died
and they pute the
queen that died
a log time ago they pute them in tombs.
It was an island in the First flood of the Nile River and the previous site of an Ancient Egyptian temple complex in southern Egypt.

This temple was made for Isis by Nectanebo I in the ptolemaic dynasty. The principle duty of this temple was to honor Isis but with others like Hathor and Harendotes. The temple was closed down in the 6th century AD by the emperor justinian. Philea was a seat of Christianity when the ruins was discoverd it was known to be the chaple of Osiris.
The queen hatshepsut was queen
whan she marryed her half-brother
whan she was in the age of 12.
Hatshepsut was only the third woman
to be pharaoh in 3,000 years of
ancient Egyptian times.
in the age of 12
after she died
When Did She Died
She died around in

1458 BC
Isis and Osiris
It has been known that Osiris was an Egyptian pharaoh who reigned over Egypt in the very early beginnings. Osiris married his sister Isis and they ruled together. Osiris Helped people learn ow to grow crops along the Nile river. They became really loved and popular.

Seth on the other hand was Isis and Osiris' brother and he was really cruel and jelous of Osiris. Seth married his sister Nephthys. But with the light came darkness. Seth was smart and hade a plan to kill Osiris. Seth had with him his evil companion. They came up with a plan and they prepared him a coffin. Isis was full of wisdom and magic and kept one eye closed one her love.
Osiris had a banquet and he invited 72 conspiritors, with the finest banquet to ever be held In all of Egypt. When Osiris was very happy and joyful, Seth Brought the coffin and asked Osiris to try it. Osiris went inside the coffin to try it. Seth and his evil partners closed the lid of the coffin and nailed nailed it with nobody around.

He went to the Nile with his wicked and evil partners and threw him in. The coffin smashed on a tree on land, and the tree became beautiful as the body of Osiris touched it. Later the tree grew so much that all the coffin was embedded in the tree.
In another place, it was ruled by King Malcander and Queen Artarte. This place was Byblos. One day they noticed the tree and ordered it cut down and made in to a fine royal pillar. When Isis heard about her love she was extremely shocked and sad. She decided she would set off and find him and Seth took the throne. She traveled a lot until she made it to that city.

There, she met some maidens and taught them how to braid there hair. When they were serving the Queen Astarte and the Queen saw them she was very impressed that she called for Isis. Not knowing that the woman Artarte had called forth was the Divine Goddess Isis She asked for the caring of her son Dictys. Isis consened but after a while she caught sight of the pillar.
In time Isis noticed that the great pillar held the body of her beloved love. She had also become fond with the son of Artarte, Dictys. so one night she wanted to make him immortal. With her spell she transformed into a swallow and sung her magic words. The Queen Artarte was spying on her and in fear interupted the spell in fear at the sight of her son in flames. The spell was broken. When the Queen noticed that she begged the Goddess for forgivness and asked if there is anything she could do. Isis asked for the pillar and her request as granted. Osiris rejoined Isis at home and she was forced to hide him
Unfortunately Seth got really mad when he discovered the body and in rage cut it up in 14 pieces and threw it down the Nile. Once more Isis set of in search of her love along with her sister Nephtys and her nephew Anubis. Whenever they found a piece of the body, the place became holy ground. Once Isis gathered all the pieces she magically re-made Osiris.

Even though he was dead, she was also able to convince a child with him: The sky God Horus. When young Horus grew Osiris visited him from the spirit world and taught him how to fight in preparation in defeating seth and retaking the rightful throne. Isis and Osiris were united, Seth was defeated than banned and Horus remained the King of Egypt.
Abracadabra, Abracazam
Queen Hatshepsut became pharaoh when she married her half-brother Thutmose 2 around the age of 12.When he died she was acting as regent for her stepson but later she was pharaoh herself.She had noble ambitions to build the Deir el-Bahri in western Thebes where she would be buried.She wanted that the people that were carving her image to show her as a man to show power.She was only the third woman to be pharaoh in 3,000 years and the first to get the full power of being pharaoh.
After her death when Thutmose the 3 grew he erased all the pictures of her

Great Monasteries
On this slide, I will be telling you about some big and important monasteries found in Egypt. I would be talking about four; El- Baramos, El Surian, Deir el Anba Pishoy and Saint Macarius.
This monastery was founded in 335 A.D by saint Macarius the great. Baramos is actually Paromeos.
-Romeos or that the Romans referring to saint Maximus an saint Domaitius. They were living there. Today, It has five churches: Virgin Mary, Saint Theodore of Amasea , Saint Georges , Saint John the Baptist , Archangel Michael.

Period : Coptic Era
State : Well Preserved
Address: In the Wadi El Natron, Behera
At the age of

After she died
El- Surian
Deir El-Surian is extremely important in Egypt. Going back from the 5th century the manuscripts*. The languages it is written in are Syriac, Coptic, Arabic and Ethiopic. These include really ancient biblical texts from our fathers of the church. After 1500 years in a community these irreplacble treasures are in real danger.
* Manuscript: a book, document, or piece of music written by hand rather than typed or printed.

Deir Anba Pishoy
This beautiful monastery has five
churches. The main church after saint
Pishoy. The monastery was built to take
care of monks against attacks from the
barbarians. This place has a well known
as the Well of Martyrs. Copitc tradition
says that the berbers washed their
swords after killing the forty nine
Elders of Shiheet. and threw their bodies
inside before the christian buried them in the monastery of saint Macarius.
Deir saint Macarius
The monastery was founded in approximately 360 A.D by saint Macarius of Egypt
He was the spritual father of more than 4 thousand monks of different nationalities
From its foundation in the 4th century up to the present day, the monastery has been continuously inhabited by monks.
Some of the monks that came here are; St. Macarius of Alexandria, St. John the Dwarf St.Paphnutius the ascetic Saint Isidore, Saint Arsenius, Saint Moses the Black, Saint Poemen, Saint Serapion
St. Mena the Martyr
After the Pentecost,the disciples went and preached to the people about Jesus Christ.
Not all the people accepted there teaching and there was lots of people that did not believe Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead and ascended to heaven.They were angry until the point they killed the believers.The people that stands up for there faith and get killed they are called martyrs.

Ophomia wanted a baby very badly. She made a promise that she will give the baby to the lord and not only to her self. When she was leaving the icon of St.Mary she herd from the icon Amen. After a long time they got a baby, they called him Mina(they took the a in Amen and put it at the back and it spelled Mena). Mena when he grew up, he liked hymns, praises and really liked to read the bible. Mena would always have respect for the church and he learned the teaching of Jesus christ in the church.
When Mena grew up a bit more he joined the army. Jesus blessed him and he won every war he did. He defended his country. Mena never made fun of some body or laghed at him.Mena would tell teachings about Jesus. Mena loved Jesus so much that he lefted the army gave everything he owned to the poor and went to the desert and read the bible day and night. One day when he was praying
He saw three crowns in the sky and an angle said if you go and talk about Jesus you will get these three crowns so he went to the city immediately. Mena said he is a christian and he got thrown in fire and got killed and he was call Saint Mena because he was a martyr.
Coral Reefs In Hurghada
A polyp coral reef is a small hard or soft coral. Hard coral is a large group and it's a skeleton of limeston. The algae are able to consume the carbon acid, which is produced as a wast product by the coral. If it were not consumed then the acid would destroy the limestone structure of the reef. The algae are small plants and like most plants. Soft coral is soft and bendable it is like a tree and the wood grows inside of it. A good way to imagine a coral reef is to think of it as a city or community, with the buildings made of coral,in this sense, a coral reef is like a metropolis under the sea.There the water is 20 C.The red sea is amazing it will blow your mind. I love it.
Hard coral
Polyp coral
Coral reef
Soft coral
The High Da
m Of Egypt

All the downs of building the high dam.
All the ups of building the high dam
The high dam is providing the country with water

Hydro thermal turbines create electricity

Secures Egypt from the risk of the destructive inundation of the River Nile.

Alxander the great
Alexander the great when he was little.
Alxander the great when he was big.
The environmental impacts of dams can be catastrophic.

Dams have been widely criticised for not only their environmental impacts but also the social impatcs.

The implications that they can have on settled communities.
The Nubien people had to evacuate because the river would not over flow and the crops would grow bad.
Alexander the great was undefeated in war so he won evry single war the fighted.He invaded india to fined the end of the world.
He was working in the military.When alexander the great was small he was baby sited by an philosopher named
Arostotle.He was baby sited until he was 16.After 16 he went to a castle and he was rewarded the generlship of greece.
Alexander the great was drincing all night and got a fever and dead.
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