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Chapter 8: Human Resources Management

Using one large image

Ken Corum

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Chapter 8: Human Resources Management

Chapter 8:
Human Resources Management 30 Chuck Hoots
Cheree Morrison
Ken Corum

School District Administration
EDL 611
April 24, 2010 RECRUITMENT
Nationwide shortage of practicing teachers over the past 10 years has forced superintendents to become aggressive in their recruting efforts It's a tough economy out there...it's good to have friends to help you out! WE NEED A PLAN!
What will the recruitment message be?
Who will be the recruiter?
Where will the recruitment be done?
How will the search be coordinated? HUMAN RESOURCES
Time consuming
Emotionally draining
Involves hiring, firing and disciplining of personnel SELECTION
Extremely critical issue

Jim Collins - Good to Great
Get the right people on the bus, but they also need to be in the right seats on the bus!
How is information gathered from candidates? Application forms, letters of reference, interviews
What is the basis of comparison between candidates?
What message are you sending to future candidates regarding your selection methods?
What issues would you have if you were the candidate in that scenario?

What issues are present if you were the interviewer in that scenario? PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

Usually represents change

Superintendent may not be directly involved in larger districts MODELS
Individually guided
Problem based
Study group/cluster

Another type of staff development involving use of peer and self

Where can we get the appropriate guidance in order to become quality coaches and mentors?
Current organizational theory focuses on the human resources aspects of an organization as in Bolman and Deal.
Organizations exist to serve human needs rather than the reverse.
People and organizations need each other
When the fit between organization and system is poor, both suffer
A good fit profits both the individual and the organization.
Provide means for employee input into the problem. Staff and administrative evaluation was identified as the leading issue and challenge for superintendents as are appraisal systems are still referred to as “a school system’s most serious problem” and the key to achievement. Plans and goals are pointless without an appraisal system to determine its success or failure. There are 3 types of appraisal systems
Ranking system
Rating systems
Narrative system
Technical irrationality
Poorly designed appraisal system
Board of Trustees involvement in formal and informal
Superintendent’s view of administration and supervision as separate activities
Environmental impediments to effective evaluation.
Areas that receive the most attention are:
1. Tenure
2. Non renewal
3. Dismissal
4. Leaves of absence
A final area although not as visible or as frequent is employee rights.
Problems arise in this area when either due process is ignored or the rights of employees were violated in some other ways.
14th Amendment: Due Process

Procedural When it comes to hiring and firing, should educators take the stance of this person's general philosophy? Why or why not? Tenure: Most states have some sort of tenure protection for teachers. In general tenure means a right to a continuing status of employment. Tenured teachers are viewed to have property rights to continuing employment and must be given due process to be dismissed Most every state has some sort of continued contractual employment or tenure. Only 13 states have tenure protection for principals. However, 38 states allow principals to keep teaching tenure, while 33 states provide due process for principals. Illinois Principals give up their right to teaching tenure if they sign a multi year contract. Wages vs. salaries

Leaves of absence Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978

Family and Medical Leave Act Teachers' rights:
Freedom of speech
Freedom of association
Freedom of dress
Right to privacy 6. Teachers and administrators may associate with whomever they wish
as long as their association does not involve illegal activity and their behavior does not render them unfit to perform their jobs effectively.
7. Dress, grooming, and boards may regulate appearance if compelling educational interest is demonstrated or if such codes are supported by community standards.
8. Teachers and administrators are entitled to rights of privacy and cannot be legally penalized for private noncriminal acts.
9. Pregnant unwed teachers may not be automatically dismissed unless there is a definite reason for doing so.

Site based (Total Quality Management) Frames or Structures of Leadership:

Bolman and Deal, 1997, identified the structure of leadership and categorized into three areas
A. Political --- power and competition, symbols and culture.
B. Human Resource--- human needs and cares.
C. Structural--- organizational goals and costs.
Sergivanni 1990,1992 also added a moral dimension to the structure of leadership in which he inserted the creation of a covenant of shared values, commitment, and vision that would inspire employees to maintain a strong and unified organization. These are often referred to as a work place covenant. Once the superintendent has determined the structure of the organization he/she can use their knowledge of program evaluation models to determine the effectiveness of department or individuals within the organization. Two models are available to help the superintendent make this determination.

1, Content Input Process Product Model, Stufflebeam, 1971
2. University of California Model At Los Angeles Model, Alkin, 1969
DOESN'T THIS ALL MAKE YOU WANT TO DROP EVERYTHING AND GO HERE? In these economic times, in human resources, there may not be any easy answers, but the district that sticks out and may do some crazy things may end up being the district that everyone wants to work for.

Take Kansas City, MO schools for instance.

Are you going to be the leader that looks stupid in the beginning, but ends up having the essential first followers and creates a movement? PROMOTION

The text states, "Schools are guilty of too frequently promoting individuals who are ill prepared and who are not given adequate training to be successful."

Is that true? INDICATOR 2:
Identify and apply effective staff evaluation models and processes appropriate to the performance being assessed. INDICATOR 1:
Select and apply personnel recruitment, selection, development and promotion procedures that enable the district to fill and maintain its positions with qualified and motivated personnel THE DILEMMA OF EVALUATION

You will need a small sheet of paper
Select three important criteria of your choice regarding selection of your favorite chocolate chip cookie
Attach a point value to each of your three criteria - the points may add up to whatever you wish (rubric)
You will receive three cookies to evaluate and will be asked to select the best cookie and be able to defend why it it the best based on your rubric EXIT QUESTIONS

Which cookie was your favorite and why?
How did you divide your points and criteria?
How many total points did you use to evaluate?
How many different systems of evaluation did we have in this class?

What issues does that illustrate in education from one school district to another or even one building to another within the same school district? INDICATOR 3:
Avoid legal problems related to personnel administration of both certified and noncertified staff. Five Areas of Federal Laws and/or Regulations to keep in mind when hiring, firing and promoting:

4. School officials may not penalize or otherwise discriminate against teachers for the execution of their first amendment rights, especially in
matters of public concern.
5. Academic freedom is a limited right. Teachers should only introduce material in their classroom that is related to their assigned subject matter. Classrooms may not be used to advance a teacher’s religious or political views INDICATOR 4:
Implement credible evaluation and audits regarding the effective use of available human resources. One of the first tasks a new superintendent must do is to evaluate the district’s utilization of human resources. These reasons have moved some states to have a state accountability system in Texas and a professional development accountability system and administrator appraisal systems. Guides to employee freedoms. Essex’s 9 Guides:
1. Teachers and administrators do not loose their constitutional rights
when they enter the educational profession. Within limits they posses the same right, as do other citizens.
2. School personnel should avoid personal attacks or libelous and slanderous statements when expressing concerns of interest to the community.
3. School personnel should not knowingly report false information to criticize school district decisions.
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