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First General Body Meeting

No description

Micha Nandaraj

on 24 October 2011

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Transcript of First General Body Meeting

First General Body Meeting September 6, 2011 How to Become an Active Member STEP 1: Fill out an application Step 2: Turn in your dues Step 3: Earn Points Who are We? We are an organization dedicated to:
providing the latest information about law school admissions
helping students make connections in the legal community
bringing students together who share similar interests to form friendships and support networks What do we do? Through this club there are opportunities to:
Experience court room and law classroom sit-ins
Participate in and learn about mock trial
Actively assist the community, through fundraising and community service
Interact with individuals with your same interests, whether at a meeting, social or intramural event Why Should You Join? Diverse opportunities for involvement
Opportunities for positions of leadership
Information about internships and volunteer opportunities
Knowledgable members who can asisst you with choosing classes and professors or give you information on law schools and the admission process
Free LSAT classes How to Get Involved Introductions Point System Point System Commitees Chairs: (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Advertising
Community Service
Historian Intramural
Law in the Swamp
Law Related
Mock Trial Chairs: Chairs: Relay for Life
Webmaster Meetings- 5 pts each
Law Related- 5 pts each
Community Service- 3 points each
Fundraising- 1 pt to buy anything at a meeting, 3 points to go off campus
Social- 2 points after a meeting, 3 points at any other point in the week 4 Meetings
2 Law Related
2 Community Service
2 Fundraisers
2 Socials Free Points Tabling- .5 pt every hour
Mock Trial-10 points (total)
Relay for Life- 10 points for all 18 hours or a .5 point/hr
Intramurals- 2 points/practice, 3 points/game 45 Points Total September A Look Ahead Guest Speaker 3
Main Parts to
a Law School
Application 3
Main Parts to
a Law School
Application LSAT GPA SOFTS http://www.lawschoolpredictor.com/wp-content/uploads/Law-School-Predictor-Full-Time-Programs.htm http://schools.lawschoolnumbers.com/schools?popular October November Professor Samuel P. Stafford 19th- Attorney Dan Vasquez, Esq. 10th- Tailgating before the football game 17th- Dean Jerry 4th- Assistant State Attorney, Lua Melman 8th- Road Map to the UF Law School Application 13th- UF law school tour at 12:00 PM followed by a class visit (Criminal Law) at 1:00 pm OR 14th class visit (Criminal Law) at 1:00 PM followed by a tour at 2:00 PM 1st- Columbia Law Student Panel- 1L, 2L, 3L The Public Defender for the 8th Judicial Circuit Court Stacy Scott Professor Shani King (Florida Law Professor, Harvard Law Alum)
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