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Jennie Hodgers AKA Private Albert Cashier

No description

Asia Barber

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Jennie Hodgers AKA Private Albert Cashier

By: Asia Barber Jennie Hodgers AKA Private Albert Cashier Jennie Hodgers was born in Clogherhead, county Louth, Ireland on December 25,1843. Greatest Accomplishments Jennie Hodgers in uniform as private Albert cashier There is little known about her childhood. Jennie was born to poverty but found a way to over come and survive the life as a contrived faminie of the 1840's. As a child her father dressed her as a boy due to them being poor and that helped her get jobs so she was already used to this atire. Life as Jennie Jennie was born into poverty and the child of Sallie and Pactrick Hodgers. there was said to have been no siblings but years after Jennie died and her estate was being moved along came a boy claiming to be her brother but since there was no proof of him having any relation they could not give him information or her estate. Family?? Jennie Hodgers greatest accomplishment ws disguising herself as a man to fight in the civil war and after the war still disgusted her self as a man and was humble and honorable. i do think it was an important moment in history because not most would be able to do this and pull it off, most couldn't even handle being the war and in the late 1800's woman were not allowed to be in the war the least they could do was be a nurse but most couldn't handle the pain and suffering you had to have to be able to be in the military because most woman were not strong enough most were not head strong. you could see the outline of breast in the picture but only if you were looking for it and back then the military was not looking for it. the military didn't have physical exams like we do today to indicate certain things. About Jennie Hodgers Jennie Hodgers Albert Cashiers 1bedroom house WHY?? Jennie Hodgers involvement in the war was that she actually had one unlike many other women. Jennie dressed as a man and enlisted into the 95Illinois infantry using the name Albert Cashier. she fought in over 40 engagements. there is something said about her being captured for overpowering a guard. Jennie served a full 3year enlistment with the 95th until they were all musterded out by death and diseases. The reason we remember Jennie Hodgers is because long after the war she stayed disguised as a man and never came out about what she had done until her death was close by. Jennie Hodgers as Private Albert Cashier Jennie as Private Albert Cashier with fellow soldier THE END Death Tombstones Jennie Hodgers died on October 10, 1815 at a hospital because she was very sick and suffering dementia. she had two tombstones her male name an service information and another one that says Jennie Hodgers. her conrads were surprised at what they found out but still supported her while she was sick. Bibliography * irishfreedom.com
* homepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com
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