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Map of USA

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claudia angelica miranda gomes

on 24 November 2016

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Transcript of Map of USA

Is one of the fifty states of the United States of America, located in the northwest region. It limits to the south with Oregon; To the east, with Idaho; To the north, with British Columbia
Washington's climate is temperate, with four distinct seasons. Summers are cooler and less hot than those in other northern states, while winters are relatively mild, less cold than any other northern state. Much of western Washington has very high annual precipitation rates. For its part, the east of the state experiences very hot summers and cold winters, and low rates of annual precipitation
The gross domestic product of Washington was, in 2004, of 262,000 million dollars, 10 which placed it in the 14th place of the nation. The per capita income in 2004 was $ 33,332
Located at the southern end of the state. For this reason, the state is often called "New York State". New York City is not only the largest city in the state, with its 8.5 million people, about half the state population, but also the largest city in the United States.
The climate of New York is temperate, although the rigors of the climate vary quite, according to the region. The average winter temperature is -10 ° C in the Adirondack Mountains, and 0 ° C in New York City. In summer, the average temperature in the Adirondack Mountains is 19 ° C, and 23 ° C in New York City.
The Statue of Liverty,
inaugurate in New York
in 1886, was the first
thing the immigrants
who came to the
city saw
It is consolidated as the nation's most populous state, with a population of more than 39 million and is the third largest (after Alaska and Texas).
If California were an independent nation, it would be the eighth largest economy in the world with a GDP of about $ 2.3 trillion, data for 2014, representing 13.9% of the United States' gross domestic product (GDP). Amounts to a total of 14 trillion dollars.
California has alpine mountains, cloudy coasts, hot deserts, and a fertile central valley.
California's climate varies considerably, from arid to subarctic, depending on latitude, elevation, and proximity to the coast. The coastal and southern parts of the state have a Mediterranean climate, with some rains in winter and dry summers.
It is a state located in the South region of the United States. In both extension and population is the second of the United States; It covers 696 241 km² and has a population of 27.4 million, constantly increasing.
The term "six Texas flags" comes from the multiple countries that have claimed territory
46% Protestants (Various evangelical groups, Methodists, etc.)
32% Catholics (9th most Catholic federal state in the United States)
7% Other Christians
6% Believers without religion
6% Mormon
2% Muslims
1% agnostics and atheists

Is one of the 50 states of the United States of America, located in the Great Plains region, in the Midwest of the country
It's the only state that their senators are elected without having their party next to their name, which makes most or all of them elected without regard to their political affiliation
In Nebraska there are two main climates that are: in the eastern half of the state a humid continental climate and in the western half of the state a continental semi-arid steppe climate
Christianity - 82%
Protestantism - 50%
Lutheranism - 15%
Evangelical Christians - 12%
Metodism - 10%
Baptist Churches - 8%
Presbyterianism - 4%
Other Protestants - 2%
Catholicism - 27%
Other Christians - 5%
Other Religions - 2%
Atheists - 9%
Alaska is a state of the United States , located in the extreme northwest of North America, with capital in Juneau. It was the penultimate to join the United States, replacing Texas as the nation's largest state
Is the largest state in the country with a total area of ​​1,717,854 km². Another landmark of the US enclave is Mount McKinley, the highest peak in all of North America with 6,199 meters of altitude
The climate presents different types, according to the region. The western coast has an oceanic climate, while the rest of the state presents a continental and arctic climate.

Christians - 69.0%
Protestants - 47.0%
Protestant Evangelicals - 26.0%
Historical Protestant - 19.0%
Black Protestants - 2.0%
Catholics - 14.0%
Orthodox - 13.0%
Mormons - 4.0%
Jehovah's Witnesses - <0.5%
Other Christians - <0.5%
Jews - <0.5%
Buddhists - <0.5%
Islamic - 1.0%
Brahmanists - <0.5%
Other world religions - <0.5%
Other Beliefs - 2.0%
No affiliation - 27.0%

Map of USA
By: Claudia Angélica Miranda Gómez
Summit School

Thanks for your attention!!!!!
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