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The Causes and Effects of the American Civil War

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Muhammed Serhat

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of The Causes and Effects of the American Civil War

American Civil War
by Dench Warfare (Serhat)

Causes of the Civil War
Another cause was the Kansas-Nebraska act.
This act was brought up to admit the states in
the Louisiana Purchase to be admitted as union states. Kansas objected to this because it was a
pro-slavery state. This act was passed and the Southerners and the Northerners eventually fought in this area and the enmity between
the South and the North grew more
intense. This bloody violence is known as ''Bleeding Kansas.''
Effects of the Civil War
The American Civil War had lots of negative effects to the South. The South had lost many of their towns, loot, and people. And the South was still not a part of the Union. However, a movement called the Reconstruction was going to solve this problem.
A very important cause of the cause of the American Civil War was the election of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln wanted to abolish slavery and the Southerners did not want to be ruled by an anti-slavery Northerner. Plus, the South also thought that their agricultural economy would collapse with a very likely abolition of slavery.
Causes of the Civil War
Great Secession
A very important geographical cause of the American Civil War was the great secession. Since the Southern states did not favor Lincoln as the new president, as a result of this conflict, 11 Southern states seceded from the Union and formed their own union called the Confederate States of United States. The South officially was out and a war was foreseen as inevitable.
Speeches and Other Causes
There were many speeches and letters from various people that ignited the Civil War. Some acts
were also ingited
the war.
''Cotton is King'' by James Hammond
''Cotton is King'' was a letter written by the Southerner James Hammond. It described how important agriculture is and how cotton is one of the most important products. It supported slavery by claiming that without slavery, our agriculture and our cotton production would collapse.
Cooper Union Address by Lincoln
This was the most important speech that caused the Civil War.
In this speech, Abraham Lincoln calls out the North by telling them that they are being hypocritical by claiming that they are conservative. Lincoln also expresses his thoughts on slavery and how unacceptable it is.
The Fugitive Slave Act
The fugitive act of 1850 was very controversial. It stated that any runaway slave from any state will be returned to their original state no matter what. This act was absolutely despised by the North and it increased the acrimony between the two sides.
Effects of the Civil War
The amount of deaths/casualties in the American Civil War is also a very important effect. The American Civil War was the deadliest battle of all American History. Over 600,000 soldiers died in combat, from disease, or as a result of the war.
This letter clearly supported slavery and a severe disagreement came from the North side.
''Cotton is King'' by James Hammond
-The American Civil War was the war between the Southerners who where pro-slavery and the Northerners who where anti-slavery.

-It lasted approximately 4 years and killed thousands of people

What is the Civil War?
Thannk you for watching and listening!

Effects of the Civil War
The Reconstruction was a movement in the time period between 1865 and 1869 that aimed to integrate the seceded states back into the nation and make sure they obey the laws of the Union this time. The Reconstruction also helped rebuild and repair the towns and buildings in the South .
Missouri Compromise: This deal was thought
up by Henry Clay, from the North. If the South agreed that Maine should become a free state, Missouri would become a slave state. This caused a conflict between the South and the North.
Causes of the War
There were also a lot of effects of the American Civil War. The effects were very crucial, too. The most important effect of the Civil War was the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. Abraham Lincoln declared all slave states in rebellion.
Effects of the Civil War
Overall, the Civil War was a terrible event that caused many people to die and a beautiful nation to seperate. The amazing figures who opposed slavery at that time will never be forgotten!
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