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Meltwater - Boolean Training

No description

Graeme Du Toit

on 30 July 2015

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Transcript of Meltwater - Boolean Training

Get Promoted / Be Rich
Hit Targets
People love Meltwater
Because of good information
Good Searches
Good needs analysis
Start with the end in mind
Keep it simple.
"" = "Amazing Search"
Use to search for phrases that are more than one word.
Search Terms
( ) = (Amazing or Search)
Use to group different collections of words together.
or = Amazing or search
Necessary for separating words
and = Amazing and Search
Use to link words that we like together.
near/10 = Amazing near/10 Search
Use to link words that we like, within the same sentence.
not = Amazing not search
Use to exclude keywords we dont like.
title: = title:"Amazing Search"
Used to search in the headline of articles
ingress: = ingress:"Amazing Search"
Use to search in the 1st paragraph of articles
The Asian Development Bank want to know about themselves linked to Energy. How do I go about this?
Practical Examples
Needs analysis
check the website
google search
test & refine
check wikipedia
* = legislat*
Use this as a wildcard to pickup different versions of a word.
("Asia* Development Bank"^2 or ADB^2) near/25 (coal or hydropower or dam or dams or ((renewable or sustainable or clean or green or efficien*) near/4 energy))
19/11-12 02:24: The Daily Star: Donors help perk up rural lives
The realisation of holding taxes nearly trebled in Sirajganj district municipality in just three years, thanks to a donor-funded project in the northern district.
...energy efficiency, urban governance and infrastructure and health. The Asian Development Bank, the German Technical Cooperation (GIZ) and German...
12/11-12 13:39: Asian Power: Solar power plant and long term financing
According to BBC's report , a tiny country with 1500 of population in South Pacific called Tokelau claims that it will be the first country in the world to 100% meet its electricity need with solar power.
...strong support from the governments or long term financing banks such as ADB or World Bank is important for the future development of green energy...
Louis Vuitton want to know about their brand in Hong Kong social media. How do I go about this?
Practical Examples
Check if the brand has a local language name
find local language words for their products
link the brand to places. cities, countries.etc
find their local social media page/accounts
To save time, re-use searches.
Tips & Tricks
google translate is your friend
don't start building a trial account unless youre 100% sure of what the end result should be
For boolean, shorter is better.
for better account building
control levels of content and deliver better content by using ingress searches.
never have more than 15 hits a day in your trial accounts
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