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Psych Scrapbook

No description

Shirley Ge

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Psych Scrapbook

Shirley Ge
Personal Scrapbook AP Psychology
A Block Family Reflections and Points to Ponder Bucket List Go to Dubai
Go snorkeling
Crash a wedding
Live in Paris
Live in China
Go skydiving
Go sailing in the Caribbean
Live in San Francisco
Retire in Costa Rica
Go into space Friends Memorable Events Something that I think a lot about is morals, whether they are relative or absolute. I am always intrigued by the bumper stickers that say “Coexist,” with the different letters spelled out with symbols from different religions. The bumper sticker implies that different sets of morals can coexist but because religions are based on different objective things, it is impossible to have multiple sets of morals in the world; only one religion can be based on the correct and true facts. I believe that morals are absolute and that they do not depend on person to person. They are objective, not subjective. Therefore, I do not believe that moral relativism is valid.

I also think that my peers who say that they are atheist do not really know what they are saying. I believe that because they have not been exposed to any religion, they simply do not have a set of morals to follow yet. I think that they say that they are atheist only because they do not go to temple, church, or to a mosque. I’m sure once they graduate and go out on the world on their own, they will better understand what they believe and find that they are not completely atheist. My Favorites Future Dreams Achievement I'm Most Proud of Advice to a Freshman Reaction Essay Have four children
Send four children to college
Own a dog
Witness a miracle
Run a marathon
Produce a movie
Watch a meteor shower
See an aurora
Live on a farm
Go to the World Expo I consider my family to be my friends from church. I believe that they are family because I have known them the longest aside from my parents and siblings. My family from church consists of the members in our youth group. They’re like a real family to me because we have traveled together, learned together, worked together, and ultimately grown together. We have been there for each other for the good times and for the tough times. Last summer, I went to Costa Rica with my youth group for a missions trip. Nothing brings people closer than cockroaches and sweat. I have also been to Dorchester with my youth group where we worked together, landscaping and painting for residents of the neighborhood. Aside from my youth group, other adults in the church help the youth advance through life as well. There are Sunday school teachers and counselors, a math and English tutor, and a college counselor; all who give up their free time and invest it in us instead. My family has helped me along with my walk with God and because of them, I have changed for the better and grown spiritually. My friends mostly consist of my school friends. High school is a very stressful place and I know I can rely on my friends if I need to talk or rant about something. Frankly, I hate school, but my friends make it bearable and enjoyable. They motivate me to keep working hard and they support me when I fail. Last May, I remember a bunch of my friends and me cramming for SAT Subject Tests and AP exams at Barnes and Nobles. We borrowed study aid books and took practice tests together. Without my friends studying together with me, I’m sure that I would have not done as well on my exams than I did. My friends are also the people who I can discuss petty things with. Such trivial topics include hair, makeup, cute boys, mean girls, and One Direction. My favorite memory with my friends so far is when we went to the beach together this past summer. We went to the Hampton Beach during one of the hottest weeks of June. I enjoyed that day because it was effortless, we simply just enjoyed each other’s company in the lovely weather. My friends help me get through the stress of life by making it tolerable and by making me smile. Some memorable events in my life are when my sister was born, when I was baptized, when I went to France. My little sister is ten years younger than I am and she was born during the summer of August 2005. I think that she is the cutest kid ever and she makes me very happy. The day of her birth is memorable to me because I had always wanted a sister. I try to recall what my life was like before she was born but it is very difficult because I cannot imagine life without a sister. My baptism is another memorable event in my life because that was the day I officially declared myself as a Christian. The day of my baptism was also very memorable because it was a very happy occasion for the church. I can recall people hugging me, shaking my hand, and congratulating me. My trip to France was very important to me as well because I went there on the foreign exchange with the foreign language department at school. I had dreamed about going to France on the exchange since I decided to take French in middle school. France was something I looked forward to for a long time and something that I really enjoyed. Some of my favorite things include art, movies, and the Olympics. I love art because I love to paint and draw myself. I used to take art lessons up to when I was a junior but I have stopped now because I no longer have time. I know that I love art for sure because every year when I make my schedule for school, I am always reluctant not to take art. So this year, I was originally taking a DLT but then I switched into an independent study for art.
I love movies because they are a great way to relax and watch other people stress out for two hours. My favorite movie genre is comedy and Mean Girls is one of the best comedies in my opinion. I also really enjoy movies from the Disney Renaissance like Mulan or The Little Mermaid because I grew up watching them and they also have a nice message.
Something that I look forward to every fourth summer is the Olympics. I love watching them with my friends and my dad. I love watching them because they are very special and sacred games since ancient Greece. I always cheer for China and I am always disappointed when they do not win the medal count. My future dreams include going to college, having a family, and hosting the Late Night Show. I plan on going to a liberal arts school because I have no idea what kind of a career I want yet. My first choice school is Pomona College because it is a fantastic school in a beautiful location. I know that Pomona will prepare me well for my future because it is one of the top 150 PhD producers and its alumni have one of the highest mean salaries fifteen years into their careers. However, if I am not admitted into Pomona, I will not be devastated because it is a selective school and I know that it is not the only great school available.
I also dream of having a family. I love children and I plan on having four. I want my first children to be twins so that each of them will be born with a friend.
One of my crazy dreams is to become the host of the Late Night Show. I would love to be the host because it looks like a lot of fun. You would have the opportunity to interview interesting people and write jokes for a living. I have a lot to be very proud about like starting a new sport or getting fives on my AP exams but what I am most proud of is how much I have matured since beginning high school. The only thing I cared about when I was a freshman was my GPA. In result, I was paranoid if others were doing better in school than I was and I was arrogant when I knew I was doing better than others in school. All in all, I was not a very happy freshman. But since then, I have grown up and value more important things above school like one’s character or my relationship with God. I am closer with my friends and become more invested in other activities like dive team or my youth group. My grades are still important to me, but they are no longer something I cry or lose sleep about. I think how much I have changed is my greatest success because if I look back at freshman year, I have come a very far distance. I also take pride in because of how much I have matured, I am now ready for college and I know I will continue to change and grow. My advice to a freshman would be to work hard and keep the big picture in mind. I would advise a freshman to put a lot of effort in school because when applying to colleges, the transcript is the most important aspect of the college application. But I would also tell him or her to look at the big picture too because college and high school are not the end of his or her life. I would tell the freshman not to stress too much over one test or one class because chances are, it will not decide his or her ultimate fate. Therefore, he or she should enjoy his or her time in high school by joining teams or clubs and meeting new people.
I would also tell him or her not to get caught up in high school drama. High school is only four years long and the people he or she see every day today, will most likely not be in his or her life ten or five years from now. High school is just a phase of life that will be over sooner than he or she will know it so it is important to enjoy it before it ends. Making this scrapbook, I can see that I have a lot to be grateful for. I am very lucky to have a group of caring and supportive friends and a dependable family. I am also very blessed for experiencing the events that were memorable to me. I have also learned from this project that I am really looking forward to leaving high school and going to college. I have gained a lot from being in my community. I have earned a great education from Westford Academy and valuable wisdom from my church. But now I am ready to move on to college where I have more independence so I can continue to learn and to grow.

Looking through my scrapbook, I have a bittersweet feeling of reminiscence. I enjoy looking through my life represented in my scrapbook but I am sad because I know that my childhood is going to be completely over soon. However, I do not wish my childhood to be longer because I know that I am finishing that part of my life and moving on to another part that will be even more significant to me. Looking at my bucket list more specifically, if I complete everything on it, then I know that I have led a spicy and fulfilling life.
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