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Chili Peppers

No description

Rommy W

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Chili Peppers

Chili Peppers
by Rommy Weisler

South America
- The Portuguese set a path, which curved around the Cape Of Good Hope, finally reached India in 1498.
- Treaty of Tordesillas (1949)

Christopher Columbus brought the chili pepper back to Spain. Comfort to the poor and flavour enhancer. The Portuguese soon came to South America and began the first trade of chili peppers worldwide.
No, not these Chili Peppers...
I'm talking about these Chili Peppers
It is also known as
Capsicum annuum
Christopher Columbus discovered
the Chili Pepper in South America, confusing it with the black pepper he was hoping to find, so he accidentally named it 'pimiento' which is Spanish for pepper. Although the misnomer was insignificant, it proved important later.
African Ports
The Portuguese then stopped at various African
trade ports to trade the chili pepper.
here they are!
The Africans had a very high demand for the spice,
"grains of paradise", they say, with their "gingery, peppery taste". The chili peppers were soon embedded into their diet. In not long the chili had gone eastward to Mozambique.
The Portuguese adopted slaves from several parts of Africa, to populate their plantations in the New World. Less chance of rebellion

After Mozambique
chillies were spreading all over Africa!
1540 the Portuguese began trading in
Indonesia, and soon the chili peppers made
their way to China.
And so, the famous Chili Peppers finally reached
China! The trade exploded and they birthed mounds and mounds of little chili babies all over the world. In China the spice was prominent, and was connected to the non-asian world via the Silk Road.

They appeared later in places like...
With Chili Peppers, England was not
one of the first to get brutally involved,
besides the Portuguese, and were
surprisingly one of the last to make use of
the chili!
The Chili Peppers were believed to be cultivated as early as 5000BC - 3400 BC. This makes them one of the oldest cultivated crops.
In India, chili's had a supernatural element.
A few
A few
no evil
Curry Leaves
Shield From Curses
Chillies were also used for...
Medicinal Uses
Now you're wondering...
How did chillies spread
all over Africa?
I know you're thinking... Wow Rommy, a Bird? Really?
You're so lame.
Extremely High

Girl you gon' be rich!

1. Collect your chili seeds
2. Grow seeds in a pot
3. Transfer to a field of chili once grown enough.
4. Leave chili to dry in sun.
That's a
See why we love
Chili Pepper so much?
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