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Football Skills, Techniques and Tactics

No description

Albert Coe

on 23 February 2012

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Transcript of Football Skills, Techniques and Tactics

Football Skills Techniques Tactis There are lots of different
skills in football which can be
used to help win football games. Pass standing tackle slide tackle header A pass can be completed with
different techniques. You can
either do a short pass or a long
pass. A short pass would mean
you use the side of your foot to
gain the accuaracy you need to
complete the pass and you follow
through to gain power and get the
ball to the player quicker. A long pass can be completed by
using your laces to generate more
power and get loft on the ball to
beat a defender. getting your foot
under the ball and following through
with your laces to get more power. You would use a standing
tackle to stop a player running
past you. you would get your foot
infront of the ball and stand there
to stop them running. you could also
kick the ball away from them as they
are running. Tackling like this is one
way of tackling and is good
as you are less likely to give
away freekicks to the other
team. A slide tackle would be used
if the player running with the
ball is slightly to far to do a
standing tackle and you won't
be able to catch up to him. you
would hook the ball as you slide
or slide into the ball to stop
them running. Shooting Heading the ball can be used
for 3 different purposes within
the game. there is a defensive,
offensive and passing header.
to get power in the headers
you extend your neck and it the
ball with the forehead. A defensive header goes up
in the air and away from where
you are stood. you would aim your
header into the air and extend your
neck for power. An offensive header goes
down into the ground to make
it harder to defend against and
keep the ball low to score a goal. A pass header is normally a
cushion header so you watch
the ball onto your head and
cushion the ball into the
direction you want it to go. There are two main types of
shooting. A power shot and
a finesse shot.
A power shot would be used if
there is defenders on the goal line
or if the goalkeeper is playing
really well and you cant get passed
him. You would follow through the
ball and lace the ball to generate
power. A finesse shot would be used if
you are one on one with the goal-
keeper and close to the goal and all
you need to do it slot it pass the keeper
into the far corner of the goal to give
the keeper little chance of saving it. You
use the inside of your foot to score like this. One technique of playing football is attacking.
there are so many different formations you
could use for an attacking one. One of the
main ones is a 4-3-3 formation where you have
3 attackers instead of the normal 2. the two wide
players would attack the full backs and try and
deleiver the ball into the box to the striker to score. A defensive formation would be a 5-4-1
formation so you have more defenders
back that attackers up front. This would
mean it would be harder for the attackers
to break you down as they will out number
you but quiet a few players.
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