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(seb) General Body

No description

Andrea Davis

on 23 September 2016

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Transcript of (seb) General Body

(seb) structure
(seb) is made up of:
General Body
Event Programming / Marketing
Executive Board
8 Event Programmers
3 Designers
2 Marketers
Vice President of Involvement
Vice President of Design + Marketing
Vice President of Programming
GB Expectations
Attend weekly meetings at free hour
Designing/Programming/Marketing opportunities
the most
Make sure to brand us correctly! We are (seb), not:
Represent us well :)
Be comfortable!
If you have any questions/concerns, hit me up!!
Give us feedback
Meeting ideas
Hang outs
(seb)igs and littles
Mentor system
All of our executive board members are bigs
Your go-to for any (seb) related questions or if you just wanna chillax
End of the meeting, let us know who you'd like to be grouped with.
meet the board
Sign-up Doc
Find it in Google Drive - it will be shared with you as soon as you are added to our mailing list (you'll get an email).
Contact information
Point of the event will email you with specific details
Email point if you cannot make an event you signed up for or will be late!
(seb) General Body
Here are the (seb)asics.
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