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Tour Management System

Tour Management System (TMS) is a management systems used by the Tour Operators and Tourists for managing tours.

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Tour Management System

Tour Management System
Tour Management System (TMS) is a management systems used by the Tour Operators and Tourists for managing tours.
It includes storage of tourists’ information, selection of the tours and packages, generation of the itinerary, payment details and billing in a fast and secured environment.
The system is focused on making trips safe, fast and memorable ones with less worries.
The TMS comes under the business domain which basically deals with reservation and sales.
Proposed System Workflows
Wire Frames
Existing Online Scenario
Tour Management System
Tour Operator
Tour Administrator
Tourist Registration
Tour Selection & Booking
Payment Options
Managing Tours
Tour Management System can be used by Tour Operators and TMS Admin.
The tourist can login only after registering to the TMS.
This can be done by three ways, either by Phone or Internet or by walking into the Tour Operator office.
The registration is done by the Tour Operator on behalf of the Tourist.
Once the registration is over, the user can select the respective tour packages displayed in the system.
On selecting the package, the user is provided with the details regarding the tour package and option to book for it.
Once the user clicks the book button, it prompt the user the details regarding the tour and preferences.
Once the tour details have been registered, an itinerary is generated, where the user can take a print of it.
Tourist Registration
Payment Options
Itinerary Generation
Tour Section & Booking
Sequence Diagrams
UML Diagrams
ER Diagram
Class Diagram
Tour Booking
Tourist Registration
Complete Booking Workflow
Home Page
Register Tourist
Book Me
Other Screens
ER Diagram
Thank You!!
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