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Copy of Greek and Latin Stems 1 - 20

The first 20 Greek and Latin stems with definitions

Roban Johnson

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Greek and Latin Stems 1 - 20

Root Words It's all Greek to me! Actual Definitions Actual Definitions Practice Guess the Stems Here are the definitions:

to man water
always hear government
self war book
life take one hundred
go center kill
cut believe specialist
say science inflammation
send new carry
write What are root words?

Exactly what they sound like!
The root is the basic part of a

For example - recreation We are going to study 25 more Greek and
Latin stems!

Why? If you learn 100 Greek and Latin
stems, you have access to over 5,000
words! Greek and Latin Stems ante - before anterior
anti - against antibacterial
bi - two bicycle
circum - around circumnavigate
com - together community
con - together connect
de - down descend
dis - away disengage
equi - equal equivalent
extra - beyond extraordinary inter - between interstate
intra - within intramural
intro - into introduce
mal - bad maltreated
mis - bad misbehave
non - not nonpoisonous
post - after postscript
pre - before preview
semi - half semicircle
sub - under submarine We will practice these next week.

Be sure to check out the tree on the office door! Stems and definitions What are stems?

Stems may not be a word
by themselves. They serve the
same purpose, though.

For example - incredible Actual Definitions archy government monarchy
ard always wizard
cide kill homicide
ician specialist musician
itis inflammation appendicitis
audi hear audience
bell war rebellion
cap take captive
cise cut incision
bio life biography
auto self automatic
port carry report
scrib write scribble Actual Definitions logy science geology
dict say dictionary
cred believable incredible
cent hundred century
neo new neonatal
ad to adjective
cede go secede
miss send missile
centri center egocentric
biblio book bibliography
anthropo man/human anthropology
aqua water aquarium
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