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Big Data Event


India Goodman

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Big Data Event


Meet the Panelists
What's the Big Deal with Big Data:

Date: November 12, 2014
Time: 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Location: Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center Ballroom (third)
Type of Event: Panel Discussion and Networking
First Time Event
Free Rein
Allocated Budget

Given to client Julie Gowin to review with Advisory Board
Approved as of October 3, 2014
"harness big data to communicate better"
Purpose of Event
data for communication.
How to
and communication data to make it
How data is
the world of communication.
How can data be used to get a job done versus storytelling.
Julie Gowin, Outreach Coordinator for the Communication Department
The Future of Communication
Target Audience

Communication Department: Undergraduate

Robert H. Smith Business School: Undergraduate
Philip Merrill College of Journalism: Undergraduate
Communication Department: Alumni
One confirmed Panelist

Aiming for 4 professionals with significant expertise

Question/Answer Format


Networking with students

Scott Hample, MBA
Alumnus Ryan Swann
Marketing Our Event
Using UCA Twitter @UofMarylandUCA
UCA Facebook UMCP - Undergraduate Communication Association
Bio on Panelist
Related articles to the BigData field
UCA Blog
Halley Henry serves as contact for content
Public Facebook event to spread awareness
RSVP through Evite
Flyers sent out on listserv
Utilizing the hashtag
#BigDealBigData #BigDataUMD
Printed flyers for the following COMM classes: COMM400, 402, and 250
Floor Plan and Decor
Linens and Table Decor Provided by Angela

Advisory Board did NOT want a theme (may be limiting)
Any decor/theme will be UMD related
Music for event provided by Angela. Classical music in background in the beginning and at the end during networking and departure
Schedule and Script
Press Coverage
Photographer: Don Harrison
DiscoDon Productions, ABC2News
How do you use data in your current profession?
How can data be manipulated to tell the story you want to tell (two-sided data)?
How do you represent data accurately and ethically?
How does one communicate relevance of data?

The DiamondBack

Waiting for response...
Audience Logistics
Check-in table at start of hallway
Have guest sign in per RSVP
Keep track of name, major, and graduation year

Live Tweet and Short Facebook Coverage of Event
Facebook: Don Harrison
Twitter: @DiscofromABC2
Name Tags used for networking after event

Career Center Registration Software
In the works...
For future reference and events ...
Able to see what major were most interested in this topic
The graduation year of students that had the need/want to learn this information
Extra Credit Opportunity
Extra credit opportunity = higher attendance
Estimated Attendance: 200 People
Propose to COMM400, 402, and 250 (
Dr. Seate, Dr. Bae, Dr. Westcott-Baker, Dr. Hubbard
Classes that are directly related to this topic

Our Progress In a Flash
Example Activity:
Attend event
Provide Proof (picture, handout if available, notes, etc.)
Write a reflection on how a theory/class concepts reflect the use of data in the professional world
Show proof of tweets/questions asked to panelist
In the Works

Approval of all marketing information
Response from Diamondback
Attendance count
Response from Career Center concerning name tag printer
Food options; awaiting a more accurate count of attendees and only need three days notice
Final confirmation of panelists
UCA volunteer count
8x8 step and repeat banner with title name as backdrop; prop or character that represents data to take picture with
Class suggestions?
In case not a lot of attendees show (100 people or less), move the event to the Chris Boardroom to make the
space appear full
Budget: $900 Provided by the Communication Department

Food - Good Tidings at UMD
Total Cost: $537.65
Finger Sandwiches: 125 Finger Sandwiches (50 RB, 50 Turkey, 25 Vegetarian) = $178.00
Fruit and Cheese Platter: Large = $236.00
Cake: Full sheet = $69.95
Beverages: Coffee = $33.90, By the gallon: 2 Sweet Tea and 2 Lemonade = $55.80. Beverage total: $89.70
Event Step and Repeat Banner with Stand: $200.00
Under Budget: $162.35

"a skill to add for communication purposes"
"big data is the foundation of communication strategy or the building block to help you in your career"
"how many jobs out there are going unfilled?"
"the new skill set that classes have yet to catch up to"
"the skill that graduates will need to attend in order to retool"
A preliminary schedule for day of events:
7:00 p.m. Event start time, food
7:15 p.m. Introduction of event and read biographies
of each panelist
7:25 p.m. Present panel questions
7:30 p.m. Panel Discussion
8:15 p.m. Question and Answer segment
8:30 p.m. Networking
9:00 p.m. Event end time

Frank J. Pietrucha,
author of
Full transcript