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Survival Guide

Learn to survive on a deserted island.

Travis Hickernell

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Survival Guide

making a fishing rod out of bamboo Water is one of the most important things needed to survive. Build Shelter Bamboo is a common resource on tropical Islands and is a great building material David and Travis's Survival Guide Bamboo is common on tropical islands and is a great building resource. If you cant find bamboo try to find another building material for your frame. Also many tropical plants have large leaves and are great for putting a roof on your shelter. knowing how to build a fire is very import.
It will help you when the nights are cold and to cook food. In this video he has a small string. Use your shoelace for the string DO NOT DESTROY YOUR SHOELACE. Tie it back on when your done. Now You Are Ready To Survive On This Island!!! catching fish is an important way to get food. Scavenge The Beach! Many things wash up on the beach. To catch fish, using spears made of bamboo
or sticks can help to hunt them Try to find any types of containers. Metal containers are best (cans). If you find a glass bottle it can be broken and used for spear tips to hunt fish or other animals You can find many things and use them how you see fit. using a fishing rod made of bamboo
sticks some sort of cord and a hand made
hook is another good way to catch fish. You cant drink salt water. If you drink to much it will lead to kidney failure. This means you have to find a way to purify your water this will get the salt and any other harmful things in your water out. To do this take a metal can that you found and boil water in it over the fire. If you didn't find a metal can while scavenging the beach put your water in some type of container that wont melt from boiling water. Then large rocks in your fire for a while. Then put them in your container of water and it will boil your water and purify it. Your fire can also be used to signal for help by putting greens on it. Survival Notes: 1. Predators are everywhere! 2. Predators blend into their surroundings VERY well! 3. Watch for snakes in the undergrowth in the forest! also making a fishing rod out of bamboo,
sticks, cord, and a hand-made hook is a
good way to catch fish. Scavenge The Forest catching animals in the forest such as
rabbits is a good way to get food to cook. using snares and hand dug ditches
is good ways to catch animals. scavenging for fruits and other edible plants
is another way to curb that hunger. Be absolutely positive that the plant you are about to eat is not poisonous. if you are not sure then do not eat at all.
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