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Personality: Is this you?

AP Language & Composition Thesis Project Experiment pt. 2

Alissa Legacy

on 9 May 2015

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Transcript of Personality: Is this you?

Personality: Is this you?
An AP Language Thesis Project By: Alissa Legacy
"Always Be
I really appreciate everyone who took the time to be my human guinea pigs for this thesis project. And I'm stoked that everyone reading this now agreed to partake in part two! What I need you all to do now is scroll (sorry you kinda have to go through the presentation in order the way the layout is) through & find your MBTI personality type in this presentation . All sixteen types have a description page, a video page, and an 'extras' page (If you forgot your type I have the "master list" so just ask me and be patient while I rummage through my folder). But you are welcome to view the other types, in fact I would be curious to know if you relate better to a different type, or read a description and think: 'well that pretty much sums up (fill person X in here'). What I have for you here is the highlights of my notes, my interpretations of each type, and videos of people who share your personality types. What I want to know now: one- How do you feel about the people in the videos who are representing your personality type? Do you see similarities between you and the people or are they nothing like you? Could the two of you be friends or would you throw them in a volcano the first chance you got? Or something in between the friendship thing and the volcano thing? And two: How does belonging to a "type group" make you feel? Connected to the world? Disconnected? Or is this total bullshit? Because it might be. But with the help of all of you I'm hoping to come to a conclusion by "Ted Talk Day". I appreciate your time. You guys are rock stars! Thank you!

PS. You don't have to write your answers down, just come talk to me about it or comment, I don't bite!

-I do not claim to own the rights to these videos-
ENTP (continued)
ENTJ (continued)
Express yourself, have faith in yourself, and
For a successful personality
And duplicate it."
Do not
go out and look
- Bruce lee
(Introverted, intuitive, thinking, judging)
Real ones!
INTJ (left) interviewed by ENFP (Right)
"intj: a day in the life"
-They come across to others as extremely intelligent... because they are. Often pegged "The Scientist", "Conceptualizing Director", and "The Mastermind", INTJ's are both strategic and innovative. The INTJ is fair and honest but often blunt in their remarks. They can be seen as insensitive and condescending to those who don't know them, but it's not their intent. The misconception is usually derived from the INTJ's high expectations of others. The INTJ values intellect and competency, which they themselves are masters of, and they measure everyone else against this standard. But in truth they are actually very understanding and have a genuine interest in bettering the world. They are extremely quick learners and very insightful of their environment. Teachers love INTJ's but people with secrets don't, as the INTJ will be able to figure out underlying motivation easily. The INTJ often falls into roles of leadership because they are effective at it, but they do not particularly seek it out and prefer to stay behind the scenes and watch the inability of others to lead. The INTJ is perfect proof of the quote that talks about giving power to those who don't seek it, and once in a position of leadership their capabilities are uncanny. INTJ's have the ability to think 'long-term', they are also ambitious, hard working, direct, highly intelligent, and extremely self confident, which is why they have the ability to implement changes that actually work. A large portion of INTJ's end up in engineering and science, this seems to be their natural place. The INTJ is fascinating in that they are not threatened by almost anything you could say to them. They are masters of the 'poker face' and have the ability to remain calm and collected even in the face of an attack on their character. They can hold up this shield easily because they are so secure with themselves and confident with their actions. The INTJ would never do something without a motive (and typically this is because of their logical and deliberate nature).
Fun fact about the INTJ: they often have the best grades in their schools (yes, there are sources on this) INTJ's are not content with just memorizing material, they have to understand its applications to BEGIN to be satisfied. And they are among the types earning the highest incomes. INTJ's love to learn and they value knowledge. Assuming the classes they are in are deemed "worthwhile" to the INTJ, they will enjoy being in class. INTJ's have a lot of ideas, and they spend a lot of time inside their own minds formulating these ideas until they are developed and sophisticated. It is only then that the INTJ will share their ideas with others.
INTJ's are equally as strong picking things apart as they are putting them together. They are argumentative, but the interesting thing about their argumentativeness is that they are not really arguing against the other person per say. What they are actually doing is deconstructing a viewpoint and analyzing every piece of the counterargument in order to find where the 'truth; or 'correctness' is. If after the INTJ's examination of the counterargument ends up passing the INTJ's "test", they will actually admit that the opposing viewpoint was correct. This will be very confusing to whoever thought they were arguing with the INTJ, as they thought the INTJ wanted nothing more than to "prove" their side, when in reality the INTJ's ultimate goal was finding the most logical answer. They constantly seek the truth. INTJ's are brilliant and ahead of their time. It would not be wise to mess with one. "INTJ's are exceedingly direct and often appreciate this quality in others. You might even find that the more "inappropriate" questions garner the most interest from your INTJ. So ask away." INTJ's are gifted at seeing things from a variety of perspectives. INTJ's are both abstract and systematic thinkers. They see the "big picture" no matter what the subject is, and when you translate this skill to engineering pursuits it is highly valuable because the INTJ will be able to pick out the systematic flaws right from the get go. INTJ's are usually a few steps ahead of everyone in terms of systems and efficiency. They are one of the rarest of the types and also typically a "relentless intellectual". "INTJ's are as useful and as powerful as they choose to be". INTJ's are very clever. They are also not scared of you.
(INtroverted, INtuitive, thinking, perceiving)
* Most famous INTJ's: Isaac Newton, Mark Zuckerberg, Jodi Foster, Julia Stiles, Jay-Z, James Cameron, Nathanial Bowditch, C.S Lewis, John Adams, Karl Marx
*Most famous intp's: Albert Einstein, Charles darwin, Jane Austin, Sigourney Weaver, Tina Fay, John Lock, Jesse Eisenberg,

Real ones!!!
Other stuff for INTP's
- The INTP is often coined "the architect", "the thinker", "the dreamy professor", the "inventor", and the "philosopher". They are inventive intellectuals who love anything abstract. They are known as the architect type because they love to create, and have the kind of mind that can generate original ideas. They love the riddle as much as they love the answer. Like the INTJ, an INTP in a debate is more or less pron to arguing more 'with the concept' then with an actual opponent. However, an INTP is different from an INTJ in that they love to share their many 'unfinished' ideas with others. They love to bounce their ideas off people and embrace collaborating their ideas with the theories of others. The INTP is drawn to quality discussions on humanities topics like philosophy, religion. music, and the meaning of life. Most are also inclined towards 'hard' sciences like pure math, engineering, and computer science, making the INTP well rounded in their intellectual pursuits. INTP's challenge standard measures of intelligence in that they usually have very high IQ scores, but they don't always preform particularity well in school..because they are bored. At first, the INTP is often mis-stereotyped as being shy. In contrast, the INTP is only quiet when they don't know someone well. Their true self is actually very social and talkative (after they have had sufficient alone time to recharge). INTP's are genius, open minded, enthusiastic, responsible, logical, curious, and honest. They are free independent thinkers who often work on the cutting edge of knowledge, no matter what field they go into. INTP's are very knowledgeable people, and they like their company to also be as such. Perhaps a better way to put it is that INTP's love complexity, and they are constantly looking for the unifying themes of life. To them life is a mystery that they will continuously work to solve. It's the ultimate puzzle. INTP's come off as cold and can be unintentionally offensive to others, but on the inside they are passionate, analytical, and innovative. When under stress, an INTP is likely to withdraw themselves from the situation or person. They can be too cautious and skeptical. They can appear detached because they are so engaged in their own thoughts and can seem oblivious to the world around them. The minds of INTP's are complicated and active. They are not traditional people and do not follow a crowd. Isabel Meyers said that "INTP's are perhaps the most intellectually profound of all the types". Another quote about INTP's is that "INTP's are free spirited idea mills and absentminded professors, which makes them fun to be around, easily diverted, and a plethora of unending creativity." Taking the time to get to know an INTP is worth it and it's unfortunate that they will only closely enter the lives of a few people. INTP's are always pondering ideas like reality and what it means to be alive. In one of their 'episodes' of deep thought they can be in a state that somewhat mirrors schizophrenia. Thoughout history INTP's are the ones that get called mad and crazed in life, only to be credited with discovery decades after they die. INTP's live in a world where nothing is truly ever answered, as every answer only generates a new 'why?' "It is not uncommon to find groups of INTP's having conversations with only questions." In terms of expression INTP's are divided. Some INTP's are warm and affirming, they smile and socialize, fascinated with the unknown. Other INTP's are cold and privet, keeping distance from the absurdity of the world. When an INTP is in 'a mood' they should be careful to realize that they are quick to ignore their basic bodily needs (food, sleep, water, 'don't walk in front of car' (etc.)) In one of their 'moods' you will get anything from: life is a "doomsday apocalypse" to a life is an "empty imperceptible void." They don't let the little things bother them because earth is heading for a black hole anyway. INTP's are usually the ones who seem to know everything about literally anything, and this is no facade. The INTP holds onto all kinds of information, but don't volunteer this naturally. They are not a "know it all" as today's society uses the phrase...but they do know it all... or at least... more than most people.
"INTP: MY Problem with everything"
* Science
* Engineering
* Art
* Architecture
* Computer Programming
* Teaching
* Law
* You never know with them
(Extroverted, intuitive, thinking, judging)
ENTJ's are natural leaders. ENTJ's are the "alpha thinkers". ENTJ's are clever and ambitious in their pursuits of power and want to be the ones calling the shots. In the case of the ENTJ, this can be acceptable because they seem to have an innate 'thinking outside the box' kind of mentality that gets jobs done...so their ambitions are not misguided. ENTJ's are visionary and focused on results of the future, this makes them the most desired personality type for important leadership positions in many corporations. Some companies have actually tested their employees in search of an ENTJ."They see daily life as a kind of chessboard, upon which people, things, and entities, are moved, removed, altered, and engaged-constantly for the organizational good." ENTJ's are usually very social and very competitive, which is why most of them are into sports, especially team sports. ENTJ's are always aware of how all people work into their "grand scheme". Their actions often have political and social motivations. ENTJ's are often charismatic and charming when they want to be. They are usually neutral about most people and pleasant to everyone. They are typically very well liked by others and people are drawn to them. "ENTJ's while appearing unemotional can experience great amounts of emotion that they don't revel." ENTJ's are usually very optimistic and very mentally strong. ENTJ's are hard-working, responsible
*Most famous ENTJ's: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Julius Ceasar, Aristotle, Al Gore, George Clooney, David Letterman, Charlize Theron, Alec Baldwin
They exist!
"what makes me mad as an ENTJ-part 1"
Other stuff for ENTJ's
(Extravverted, intuitive, thinking, perceiving)
driven, rational, sharp minded, and clever. ENTJ's love a challenge, and are confident that they can achieve anything they want to. ENTJ's are precise, persistent, and good with details. They are the perfect recipe for entrepreneurship. In terms of negotiations, ENTJ's are determined, relentless, and brutal. They have a very clear idea in their minds of what needs to happen and when. They will not let anyone get in the way of that vision. Efficiency is a top priority for ENTJ's, and they will place this above being "nice"...unless the ENTJ has a well developed inferior Feeling function. ENTJ's have a talent for seeing the talents in others, which is why they are so good at organizing teams (from sports to military to corporations). ENTJ's are energetic and responsible and will take it upon themselves to always to be setting goals for themselves...and everyone else. ENTJ's are oriented towards commitment and growth. ENTJ's are not flaky people and they take commitment seriously. ENTJ's are good at summarizing, systematizing, and ordering. They definitely have their priorities placed in a purposeful order. Nobody will accuse an ENTJ of not being organized, but they might bring up the ENTJ's inclination to try and micromanage people they are responsible for (employees, their kids, and they might try and extend this to their friends). The ENTJ is one of the rarer types, and ENTJ's all want to be the supreme 'boss'...but there are only so many of those positions, and curiously only so many ENTJ's, so it works out. People with this personality type are assertive, outspoken, and very confident. They have strong verbal skills and are really good with people. They are also great at supervising and directing. Even as children, ENTJ's are seen taking charge. "They live in a world of predictions, visions, facts, and exploration of ideas." ENTJ's are upbeat and adventurous. Although naturally commanding and 'take charge', ENTJ's are also very patient and hard to legitimately anger. ENTJ's are both insightful and logical of situations and can use their logic to apply their insights. If ever you see a person point to someone else and say: "that person is going to be president someday!" They are probably talking about an ENTJ.

ENTP'S are going to be the ones most interested in disproving this test. Ironically, this furthers the potential validity of this test more because ENTP's are labeled as "the ultimate devil's advocate". They love to debate just for the art of an argument. They don't care if they agree with the side they are arguing for, it's more about the mental excersize and win for them. ENTP's are highly skeptical, quick witted, fair, logical, kind, and intelligent. They seem to know something about everything and have an extremely expansive range of interests. ENTP's are also fast paced thinkers who can come up with not just 'ideas' but profitable ones...their only issue is being motivated enough to actually follow through.

Actual ones among us!

Other stuff for ENTP's
* Entrepreneurship * Geologist
* Lawyers * Detective
* psychologists * Industrial designer
* consultants * CIA agent
* photographers
* engineers
* scientists
* actors
* sales representatives
* computer programming & systems analyst
* copywriter
* political scientist
* stockbroker
* market researcher
* Real estate agent
* Health care administration
* Architecture
* Aerospace engineer
* Education Director
* Criminologist...note: (they could totally do criminal profiling)
*Most famous ENTP's: Benjamin Franklin, Theodore Roosevelt, Neil Patrick Harris, Barack Obama, Salma Hayek, Hugh Grant, Jon Stewart, Voltair, Robert Downey Jr., Claire Danes
"ENTP woman/girl/robot...ramblings"
(INtroverted, intuitive, feeling, judging)
* Most famous INFJ's: Gandhi, Michelle Pfeiffer, Nelson Mandela, Plato, George Harrison, Eleanor Roosevelt, Nathaniel Hawthorn, Nicole Kidman, Adam Sandler, Adrien Brody, Chaucer (Poet), Carrie Fisher (Screenwriter), Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Celebrity Example: Director, James Cameron
Celebrity Example: Actor and political activist, George Clooney
Celebrity example: Microsoft founder, Bill Gates
Celebrity Example: Actress, Selma Hayek
found some!
"Shane: infj"
ENFP (left) interviews INFJ (right)
"INFJ's are gentle, caring, complex, and highly intuitive individuals. Artistic and creative, they live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities. Only 1% of the population has an INFJ personality type, making it the least common of the types." The very traits that make an INFJ who they are, are also the traits that make them so misunderstood. INFJ's are typically the "old souls". INFJ's are the most inclined type towards being "the voice of the weak" and feel it is their duty to protect other people. This has led to INFJ's being referred to as "the counselor" "the confident", "the mystic", and most commonly: "the protector". INFJ's are mistyped for a few reasons. INFJ's are not as organized as other Judging types (hence signs of disarray like a consistently messy desk) but unlike a Perceiver they like to have a plan (though they don't usually stick to it). INFJ's are Feelers because of their deep caring of humankind, but contrary to this inclination of all Feeling types, it is their tendency to be very analytical and blunt in their approaches. Although an INFJ is a Feeler interested in the humanities (music, literature, anthropology, philosophy (etc)), they will take that interest in the humanities and approach it like a Thinker looks at hard sciences. For example, "an INFJ is very interested in how people work, but in a sense that they are really thinking more along the lines of 'how do they operate? What kind of... machine... are they?" And the INFJ is going to be the person asking a lot of 'why' questions and will be very interested in understanding root causes of things. This goes hand-in-hand with the way they look at the world and beyond. To an INFJ, everything they do, see, feel, talk about, and wonder all goes into a sort of 'web of connections' that the INFJ has comprised in their mind. To an INFJ, contemplating their ideas and theories, and connecting them with their bank of knowledge and experience will be a common daydream, one that they will love talking about with other people. They will be very preoccupied with 'the big picture' and often times uncaring about details that don't seem relevant. Some INFJ's can spend so much time pondering the 'deeper level' that they have to be careful about missing the present moment and being detached and unaware of what's going on.The INFJ is very good at intuitively knowing ideas, concepts, and motives, in people and the world around them. An INFJ is the worst person to try and lie to (next to INTJ's), because they will immediately see through a false pretense. INFJ's are credited with being the best at reading other people. INFJ's are often described as "profound, insightful, wise, secretive, original, stubborn, intense, loyal, curious and caring individuals who make eloquent speakers and writers". INFJ's are also very passionate people that will fight for what they believe in. They will be very 'for the cause' but also drawn to conspiracy theories, because they like to think that nothing is as it seems. INFJ's have a horror of being micromanaged and want to figure out their own ways of doing things. INFJ's can also get so into a project that they will forget to eat and sleep for hours on end. Under stress, an INFJ will become very "monk-like" and withdraw even from those closest to them. INFJ's are very hard to get to know, they have layers, and will take their time deciding who gets what layer and when that will happen. This is a weakness in ways, as more reserved INFJ's struggle with opening up to anyone they don't consider as a close friend. In terms of their relationships with others, they value quality over quantity. For many INFJ's, writing is the best outlet to voice their thoughts and ideas most effectively. INFJ's will also become surprisingly confrontational and assertive when another person is threatened...even though they hate conflict, this is because they will not stand by and watch an innocent person be hurt. INFJ's are described as having and "ancient quality" about them. Some INFJ's can be very outgoing and gregarious (making them come across strongly as extraverts), but many ultimately burn out and go into seclusion at the end of the day. "INFJ's can be incredibly mentally intense and mysterious, even called insane, pushing the boundaries of what others would even attempt to ponder. While pleasant and gentle on the surface many INFJ's hold a much more critical, blunt and aggressive side to them, and can have fierce tempers. When stressed out their moods can be utterly unpredictable." Nevertheless INFJ's are colorful personalities with childlike enthusiasm who exhibit both introvert and extrovert qualities (some will be primarily very reserved and others will be extremely outgoing.) INFJ's are also credited with having a great sense of humor and they are very witty when given the chance to be. INFJ's are independent minds and spirits. INFJ's can not be tricked into being a follower nor do they desire power from leadership. INFJ's prefer to exhibit their influence and help from behind the scenes, taking themselves out of the equation, to gain perspective.
Other stuff for infj's
"I'm generally only "boring and serious" around people I'm unable to really connect with on a deeper level. I'll make witty remarks every now and then, but I'll not put forth much of an effort. I mostly go into "observation mode". For those that know me particularly well, they are the ones that get to see me dancing and singing terribly on purpose to a song I barely know the lyrics to, and calling everything "things" because my brain can't be bothered to come up with its proper word, and making silly faces for absolutely no reason" -INFJ quote from an INFJ forum
Careers for INFJ's:
* Doctors
* Alternative health care practitioners (Holistic approach)
* Professors (whatever their interest is)
* Psychiatrists & psychologists * Marketing & Media
* Counselors and social workers * Actors/Actresses
* Musicians, artists, & photographers * Religious work
* Philosophers * Architects
* Screenwriters or playwriters * Speech/language
* Film directors pathology
* Museum curators * Homemakers
* Editors or writers * Lawyers
* Critics (film, food, art) * Entrepreneurs
* Makeup Artists * Anthropologists

INTJ other stuff
ideal Career fields:
* Engineering
* Science
* Law
* Computers & Information technology
* Some healthcare (pharmacist, surgeon, physician)
* Math
* Finance & Business
* Animator
* Astronomy
* Civil Engineer
* Chemical engineer
* Government
* Medicine
* Law
* Business
* Politics
* Education
* Military
* Entrepreneurship
* Scientist
* Analyst
(INtroverted, intuitive, feeling, perceiving)
INFP's have appeared!
INFP other stuffs
(Extroverted, intuitive, feeling, judging)
ENFJ sighting!
other stuff for ENFJ's
(extroverted, intuitive, feeling, perceiving)
ENFP's in their natural habitat
other info for ENFP's
ISTJ other stuff.
Videos for ISTJ's
(videos for you)
Other stuff for isfj's
live ones!
ESTJ extra info
ESFJ Videos
ESFJ extras
Other stuff for ISTP's
isfp's (almost in person)
isfp extras
acting natural. observe.
the rest for estp's
ESFP's in the spotlight
ESFP's...Grand Finale
"Enfp: that's me!"
"ENFP doing his thang"
"Meyers-briggs type indicator"
(explained by enfp)
"Tyrprific: Fleur de force"
(istj on left)
"MBTI personality tag- istj"
(istj on right)
"Personality cafe video challenge best ESTP"
"Many ESTP's are the button pushers." If an ESTP does not understand something about a person or interaction, their response (instead of waiting and observing) will have more of a 'poke it with a stick and see if it bites' kind of method to it. 'ESTP's are gregarious and fun loving. They want to enjoy the most of every moment.' As adults they are often the ones that people talk about and say 'oh they're still just a big kid!". They are clever, witty, popular, and charming. But they are also very earthy. ESTP's make perfect paramedics because they can remain calm and think clearly in emergency situations. ESTP's live fast paced lives. They are action oriented and drawn to 'risk'. They have excellent people skills and are fun to be around. They are also good natured. "The first thing you'll notice about an ESTP is their energy. They are often chatting, joking, and flirting with friends and strangers alike. They are typically natural athletes and are said to be the most kinetically coordinated of all the types.
"Misconceptions of ESTP's"
"I'm an ESTP"
"INFJ guy"
Celebrity example: Actress, Nicole Kidman
INFJ character: Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter)
Youtube people, Celebrity people, and Fictional Characters who were either self identified or speculated to be INFJ's by several sources
Speculated Fictional INFJ: Daeneryes (Game of Thrones)
INFJ Character: Dale Horvath (The Walking Dead)
Self Identified and speculated celebrity an fictional ENFP's
Speculated Fictional ENFP, Michael Scott (The Office)
Speculated Fictional ENFP, Genie (Aladdin)
Speculated Fictional ENFP, Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
*Mark Twain, Dr. Suess, Daniel Radcliffe, Shailene Woodley, Keira Knightly, Daniel Radcliffe, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robin Williams, Gwen Stefani, Walt Disney
"The charming advocate", "The colorful Storyteller", and "the inspiring"- ENFP's "can be fiery, enthusiastic, spontaneous, and intense, or they can be very easy going and quiet. The ENFP is "a thunderstorm" who "can not be controlled or contained". ENFP's often have very accurate perceptions of others, but may use this to be manipulative. ENFP's are very bright intelligent people, who don't often get that credit from others because they lead their actions with their fun/upbeat side.. ENFP's are usually very aware of what the 'right thing' to do is but they may go against these insights anyways, just because they feel like it. ENFP's consider themselves to be very open minded people-and they are. The only thing set in stone with them is their self perception. They have very strong identities and will assert who they are if the rest of the world doesn't get it right. ENFP's are big picture people. They like to think about the universe as a whole and are very aware of how small they are in comparison to the grand scheme. Unfortunately this can drive them into a depressive state. Most ENFP's have both a confident/social/carefree/happy/enthusiastic side and a sad/lethargic/'there's a lot of evil in the world and I know it' side. ENFP's are incredibly passionate people who give their all in whatever they do (which is probably why their moods know no in between). ENFP's, like INFJ's, are a curious cross between a wise old man and a playful child, though ENFP's are more apt to show the world their childlike side. ENFP's come across to others as independent and strong willed, and they are indeed these things. But under their hardier exterior is also a gentle, compassionate, and mentally intense person. ENFP's are said to have "unstoppable wit". They are extremely funny and good humored, it's hard not to like them, actually most are very popular amongst their peers even if the ENFP themselves don't realize it. ENFP's are idea people. They get super excited over ideas and will take action to start many projects. Many ENFP's have talents in art and music alongside their natural affinities for more standard academics like math and English. ENFP's are gifted at reading other peoples emotions. A lot of ENFP's would think that they are introverts, and a break down of their personality can explain why. Being an ENFP is an exhausting thing. They require more alone time then any other extrovert type, but yes they do want to go to that party tonight, but they don't want small talk. An ideal party for them would be one where everyone alternates between taking shots and discussing the meaning of life. ENFP's are usually big flirts. ENFP's have contagious enthusiasm and inspire others through their creativity, passion, and warmth. ENFP's are very curious about people and like to have friends from different backgrounds. They want to experience life with flair and many of them have a personal style that is distinctive and quirky. Restless and abstract, ENFP's have a frantic mind that is constantly thinking about everything, and everything about everything. When it comes to making judgments, ENFP's will look at their past experiences. ENFP's are said to be the least judgmental of all the types. They "are champions of diversity and multiculturalism". "ENFP's are highly represented among journalists, excelling in the written and spoken word". ENFP's crave creativity and freedom and often act like a hippie plucked right out of the sixties. PEACE. LOVE. ENFP.
* Journalist
* Social Worker
* Dietitian/ Nutritionist
* Speech Pathology
* News Broadcaster
* Politician
* Teacher
* Musician
* Editor
* Attorney
* Counselor
* Therapist
* Art Director
* Painter
* Writer
* Psychiatrist
* Project Manager
* Consultant
* Human Resources
* Marketing
* Actor/ Actress
* Occupational Therapist
Speculated Fictional ENFP, Nymphadora Tonks (Harry Potter)
Celebrity ENFP: Daniel Radcliffe
Celebrity ENFP: Shailene Woodley
The Types With Huge Essay Assignments
ENTP: Adds the final touches within five minutes of handing it in (started the first draft approximately 10 minutes before handing it in. Yes, we’re that good.)

INTP: Gleefully researches anything BUT the assigned topic.


INTJ: Probably finished it weeks ago.

ENFP: They would be completely satisfied with their work…if only it could have been written in glittery gel pens.

INFP: Great sentence structure, amazing vocabulary, but there’s only about a paragraph before it drifts off into some groundbreaking yet convoluted and unrelated theory.

ENFJ: Revising, revising, revising… they wouldn’t leave this stage if they had the choice.

INFJ: Symbolic, powerful, and even the first draft could have gotten at least a B+. If only they could find it now…

ESTP: Procrastinates almost as long as the ENTP, however doesn’t always make that final window.

ISTP: Classically well written and very clear formatting.

ESTJ: Shifts to the hard gears, makes some stronger coffee, and hits the books for an unhealthy amount of time.

ISTJ: Writes a convincing paper that all orbits around only the strongest points.

ESFP: Probably forgot, but they probably didn’t regret spending their time the way they did.

ISFP: A poetic flare, a gorgeous presentation. Any misinformation is overlooked due to the meticulous details that make themselves apparent.

ESFJ: Does a great job of exploring connectivity between the topic and the writer.

ISFJ: ISFJs wrote up with the perfect essay weeks ago, that doesn’t mean that it’s “good enough” for their standards. If anyone needs a massage, a hug, and a nap, it’s definitely these guys.
Attention AP lang class, this is a pic I found off tumbler and I thought it was fitting :)...I think some of these are very accurate but some of them don't fit the type description too well, either way it's here for funsies because it related to our class kind of
Spotted! On YouTube
"MBTI Snapshots-ESFJ- People Matter"
INTJ Character: Hotch (criminal Minds)
* Best example in my opinion
INTJ Character:
Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

*Other best example in my opinion
"The world is a dangerous place to live. Not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."
-Albert Einstein
"You know you're an INTP when you make incredibly random, yet incredibly accurate observations"
-INTP Forum
ESTP Character: Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)
ISTJ Character: Dr. Alan Grant (Jurassic Park)
"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without excepting it." -Aristotle
ENTP's are a bit wacky, or rather
"eccentric". And fittingly are pegged
"The Visionaries", "The inventors", and
"The idea people". They have a natural
curiosity about everything and love to
learn about new things. They are typically
intelligent and open, friendly and
approachable people. They are also very
charismatic and charming. ENTP's are
very laid back and are all around very
likable people.
ENTP's live in a world of questions and theories. They live their lives in a very carefree way. ENTP's know that the world has lots to offer and they fully intend to experience life to its fullest. ENTP's are very abstract thinkers. This innate ability to see things from all angles and with all connections makes them VERY strong debaters. They are both creative and logical, and their brain seems to see no limit...unless there is a deadline. ENTP's will run from structure and and hide from convention, they know that this is key to their survival. "The best approach to communicating with an ENTP is to be straightforward. No games- they'll win."
"INFP's are gentle, serene, pleasant, and can make goofy light-hearted company". 'They have an innocent enthusiasm about them that can help relax more 'hard-nosed' personalities. They typically love an adventure and can be a lot of fun. Some INFP's come off as reserved and serious, but on the inside they have a rich inner fantasy life and are very creative. INFP's have a strong sense of morality and it would not be out of place see one leading a non-violent protest. INFP's are the typical 'dreamer', and are even nicknamed "The Dreamer" as well as "The Healer" and "The Idealist" in MBTI Personality Testing. INFP's are genuinely kind people. They are very altruistic and love to help a good cause. They can see the good in everyone and every situation. They are outwardly very calm and inwardly very passionate about their hobbies and values. Many INFP's are interested in the arts and something about their presence itself is almost poetic. In deciding what their next step is, they look to both beauty, virtue, morality, and truth. INFP's make excellent fiction writers. Through metaphor and character development they are able to encapsulate meaningful themes into a seemingly 'simple' story. They are gifted communicators and always want there to be harmony. 'If nobody 'checks on them', INFP's can go into 'hermit mode'. Their minds are so fascinating that sometimes it's hard to get them to join the rest of the world, but who can blame them? Their imaginations are as vivid as what we read in books, feel from music and see on TV...Which is probably why so many writing icons and musicians turn out to be INFP's. Unlike other types, there is really no such thing as an INFP 'gone wrong'. INFP's seem to be the type that is just always the 'good one'. Not in a goody-two shoes way, but in a sense that they are so in touch with virtue and nature and the supposed core foundations of life that you can't corrupt them to be evil. INFP's are good listeners and true friends. In contrast to their calmness, is their concurrently perfectionist inclination. If in a group project with an INFP, you might be surprised to see their 'controlling' side. They are very hard on themselves, and could benefit from someone saying 'good job', though they would never ask for this. Unfortunately it is so easy to see them in a role of comforting others that everyone forgets to ask them what THEY need. INFP's are warm, loyal, sensitive, and adaptable. They are caring and authentic people who know how to bring people together. There are many wonderful traits that an INFP possesses, something they do need to know however, is that they are the type said to be least likely to stand up for themselves. However the INFP won't compromise on their values under any circumstance, and will defend their ideals until the end. INFP's see the world through a colorful lens. They are delightful to be around and have a childlike enthusiastic approach to life. If an INFP doesn't like you, you're probably a really terrible person, because they like everybody. These creative and whimsical beings are in themselves a breath of fresh air to the rest of the world.
"All that is gold does not glitter; not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither; deep roots are not reached by the frost." -J.R.R Tolkien
Famous INFP's: J.R.R Tolkien, J.K Rowling, Bill Watterson, Edgar Allen Poe, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Tim Burton, Mia Wasikowwska, Mary-Kate Olsen , John Mayer
Famouse ENFJ's: Martin Luther King Jr, Oprah Winfrey, Morgan Freeman, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Winslet, Annasophia Robb, Emma Stone, Dakota Fanning, Helena Bonham Carter
Famouse ISTJ's: George Washington, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Matt Damon, Natalie Portman,
(Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)
(Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging)
(Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)
(Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging)
(Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving)
(Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving)
(Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving)
(Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving)
ENFJ's are very inclined to humanistic focuses. They understand, support, and encourage other people. "They understand and care about people and have a talent for bringing out the best in others. ENFJ's are very bright people who are full of potential. ENFJ's are charming, warm, and insightful...it's almost impossible not to like them. ENFJ's are very organized and very driven, making them typically excellent students. "ENFJ's like to be liked and make an effort to be valuable family members and community members". ENFJ's are talented at connecting and communicating with others and they make friends easily. They are outgoing, social, perfectionist, and ambitious. ENFJ's love harmony and just want to do the right thing. They are responsible, popular, and sociable. ENFJ's love to organize both things and people. They are action- oriented and place high importance on making other people happy. ENFJ's are pro's at multitasking and can jumble a variety of projects at the same time, in fact, they usually are happier when busiest. ENFJ's are really into global harmony and will be into "causes". An ENFJ is motivated by social networking and personal excellence.
An ENFJ's life goal is helping other people. They love to service humanity and have a profound effect on others. If an ENFJ is happy, everyone in the room will be happy, If an ENFJ is sad, everyone in the room will be too. ENFJ's are also gifted at reading the emotions of others. They will act on behalf of other people without anyone having to ask them too. ENFJ's make excellent teachers (actually they are said to be the most ideal for teaching) and would provide positive guidance and encouragement to their students. ENFJ's are naturally empathetic and can easily see where others are coming from. ENFJ's are inspiring and entertaining social butterflies. They are also 'givers' and if ever a person continually asks: 'what can I do for you?' There is a good chance you are talking to an ENFJ.
"Enfj: authenticity"
"ENFJ top 10 pet peeves"
"NF geeks video challenge: ENFJ
Robert Langdon (Davinchi Code)
Mary Jane (Spiderman)
Lucy Pevensie (Narnia)
ISTP Character: Sawyer (Lost)
ENTJ Character: Jack (Lost)
Celeb ENFJ: (actress) Helena Bonham Carter
Celeb ENFJ: (actress) Kate Winslet
Martin Luther King Jr.
ENTP Characters: Fred and George (Harry Potter)
ENTP Character: Howard (The Big Bang Theory)
ENTP Character: Timon (The Lion King)
"You", he said "are a terribly real thing in a terribly false world, and that I believe, is why you are in so much pain"
"A person who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new"
"The mind is a dangerous place, don't go there alone"
* Teacher (my god you guys are perfect for this)
* Psychologist
* Clergy
* Sales Rep
* Manager
* Human Resources
* Event Coordinator (Wedding planner?)
* Politicians/ Diplomats
* Medical anything
"Don't follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you." - Margaret Thatcher
* Artist
* Graphic Designer
* Fashion Designer
* Mental Health Counselor
* School Counselor
* Social Worker
* Librarian
* Elementary School Teacher
* Special Education Teacher
* Human Resources
* Anthropology
* Historian
* Sociologist
* Wildlife Biologist
* Zoologist
* Editor
* Film Editor
* Film editor or director
* Writer
* Photographer
* Interpreter

INFP Character: Ponyboy Curtis (The Outsiders)
INFP Celeb: Author, J.K Rowling
INFP Celeb: Singer, Kurt Cobain
INFP Celeb: Actress, Mia Wasikowska
INFP Interview
ISTJ's are the duty fulfillers, and they are tough cookies. ISTJ's are the opposite of warm and fuzzy, though they are genuinely good people who will show you they care through actions. ISTJ's do not waste time. They like things that are tangible and real. ISTJ's are very mellow, calm, efficient, and above all: stable people. ISTJ's are one of the most common personality types and that is a fantastic thing because we need them in the world. They are perhaps the hardest workers with strong senses of integrity. Any task they undertake they will put 110% into. They are able to grasp situations quickly and are impressive in their abilities to take action equally as fast. ISTJ's are very direct and honest, they will tell you exactly how they feel and won't sugar coat it. ISTJ's have sharp and fast-paced minds, this in combination with their blunt honesty can make them come across as cold and robotic, although inwardly they are not. "For ISTJ's honesty is more important than social considerations." ISTJ's value tradition and do like rules and structure. ISTJ's like to let facts do the talking and don't care much for opinions. ISTJ's are very responsible and very dependable. They are calm and appear to never be in a hurry...but are never late and always on time. ISTJ's like to maintain social order. They come across as serious and conservative, and they are in a basic sense. They speak in a very straightforward manner and like details. Some ISTJ's are incredibly interesting due to their fast paced minds. They have great senses of humor and are an amusing personality if you get to know them. Their humor in combo with their work ethic make them excellent human beings.
"All contracts should be cleared by ISTJ's; they will overlook nothing that is in it and assume nothing that is not."
INTP Celeb: Actress Sigourney Weaver
INTP Celeb: Cartoonist, Randall Monroe
INTP Celeb: Director/Comedian, Richard Ayoarde
ISTJ Celeb: Actress, Natalie Portman
ISTJ Celeb: Actor, Matt Damon
*Best example
* Radiographer *Engineer * Computer Programmer * Restaurant Owner *Maintenance * Truck Driver * Stock Broker * Inspector * Medical Technician * Military * Surgical Nurse * Pharmacist *Archeology *Paleontology * Law *Administration * Technical Writer * Operations officer * Proofreader *Dentist
"For a good man, there is nothing better than owning estate and tending to it properly." -Xenophon

"As a kid, I didn't root for the bad guys." -Robert De Niro

"Your decisions here on earth matter, your behavior matters, and how you treat people matters...it comes down to accountability for your own behavior...that's important." -Matt Damon

Celebrities: Winston Churchill. Theodore Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson, Donald Trump, Malcolm X, George W. Bush, Lyndon B. Johnson, Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, Kevin Spacey, Ben Affleck, Mila Kunis, Ryan Seacrest, Taylor Swift, Robin Thicke, Megan Fox
Rosa Parks, Halle Berry, 50 cent, Gweneth Paltrow, Kirsten Dunst, Jessica Simpson, Katie Holmes, Kate Middleton, Kristi Yamaguchi, Jimmy Stewart, Mother Theresa, Georege Marshall, David Petraeus, Jimmy Carter, Mitt Romney, Anthony Hopkins, Dr Dre
*Celebrities: Sarah Palin, Larry King, Barbara Walters, Anne Hatheway, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Garner, Celin Dion, Shania Twain, Prince William, Randy Jackson, Elton John, Hugh Jackman, Tyra Banks, Alicia Keys, Vanessa Hudgens, Vin Deisel, Nancy Kerrigan, Steve Spurrier
* Celebrities: Steve Jobs, Clint Eastwood, Tom Cruise, Scarlett Johannson, Ellen Page, Kristen Stewart, Snoop-Dog, Bruce Lee, Ashton Kutcher, Anna Kendrick, Simon Cowell
*Celebrities: Jimi Hendricks, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, Audrey Hepburn, Zac Efron, Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, John Trovolta, Britney Spears, Marilyn Monroe, Rihanna, Avril Lavigne, Christina Agruilara, Prince Harry, David Beckham
*Celebrities: Bill Clinton, John F Kennedy, Mel Gibson, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Nicki Minag, Pink, Leonardo Dicapprio, Cameron Diez, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Marilyn Monroe
ESTP Celeb: Actress, Angelina Jolie
ESFP Celeb: Miley Cyrus
ISTP Celeb: Scarlett Johansson
* Artist
* Doctor
* Designer
* Nutritionist
* Dietitian
* Personal Trainer
* Homemaker (stay at home Mom/Dad/Other (to be politically correct))
* Editor
* Writer
* Nurse
* Librarian
* Researcher
* Paralegal
* Human Resources
* Military
* Marketing
ISFJ Character: Joan Wilson (Elementary)
ISFJ Celeb: Katie Holmes
ISFJ Celeb: Kristi Yamaguchi
ISFJ George Marshall (U.S General and Secretary of state) was once asked about why he was so adamant that all the troops in WW11 be supplied with candy and he responded:
'it's the little things people forget about that matter'.
ISFJ General David Petraeus
ISFJ Celeb: Dr. Dre
(This is probably the best example)
ISFJ Celeb: Halle Berry
ISFJ Person "My Brief Take on the ISFJ"
ISTJ Videos
ISFJ Character: Dobby (Harry Potter)
ESTJ Celeb: Amy Chua
ESTJ Celeb: Michelle Obama
ESTJ Celeb: Alec Baldwin
ESTJ Character: Ana Lucia (Lost)
ESTJ Character: Gale (The Hunger Games)
Celebrity INFJ: George Harrison, (The Beatles)
ESFJ Celeb: Jennifer Garner
ESFJ Celeb: Jessica Alba
Celeb ESFJ: Anne Hathway
Celeb ESFJ: Prince William
ESTJ's have found themselves with a variety of nicknames in the typology community. They have been called 'The enforcer', the bad boy', 'the boss', the guardian', the perfectionist', 'the hawk', the soldier', and 'the bread winner'. "Work hard, play hard" that's pretty much how ESTJ's go about day-to-day activities. ESTJ's live their lives to the fullest and in the moment. ESTJ's put 100% into every detail of the task at hand. ESTJ's like to establish rules, regulations, and norms, and feel fulfilled when they see these norms being played out with efficiency. On one end of the spectrum, ESTJ's may be seen as hostile, aggressive, and intense. On the other end of the ESTJ spectrum, the ESTJ's who are in touch with their introverted sensing function will be really easy going and relaxed until there is a 'call to action'. ESTJ's like to always be totally in the moment and actually dislike thinking about the future, they may ignore future consequences if they impede on the fun of the day. In terms of work vs relaxation, ESTJ's literally have two modes, there is no in between. They're either in relaxation mode, lazily in a recliner or they are in hard core work/ efficiency mode. And they can jump between they two modes impressively quickly. ESTJ's commonly also have impressive technical knowledge and practical skills. ESTJ's hold themselves to a very high standard. They strive "to be perfectly fit, perfectly healthy, perfectly moral, perfectly dependable..." ESTJ's look impermeably strong and independent to outsiders, as they intend too. ESTJ's will tell you that they do not care what people think about them. However "if an ESTJ is not respected or viewed as anything other than perfect they will feel hurt." "ESTJ's are by far the most experience based of all the types, if it hasn't worked in the past what makes you think it's going to work today?" ESTJ's have a dramatic character playing inner world that they won't ever mention. An example of this is an ESTJ might say to themselves: "bad boys own motorcycles, therefore today, I feel like owning a motorcycle. Fighter pilots are cool and wear aviator glasses, so today I will wear aviator glasses." Also, you can always count on an ESTJ to be dressed 'for the occasion'. "At sporting events they will wear all the applicable jerseys and gear, when participating at a Halloween party their creativity really shines through." ESTJ's say that they don't care about other people's feelings, but this is not entirely true. If they know they have hurt someones feelings in the past, they will take note of the mistakes made and avoid making them again. ESTJ's always learn from their mistakes and they are also very confident, this makes them excellent leaders. Most ESTJ's are very gregarious and very social, but some can be really quiet and kind of shy. "ESTJ's have hidden integrity. Deep down they know exactly what is right from wrong. Yet their dominant focus on maintaining the social system prevents them from showing their individuality. Deep down they know who they are and what they stand for." The most courageous ESTJ's will be the ones who will speak out against the system.
Henry Ford, Hillary Clinton, Amy Chua, Martha Sterwart, Dr. Phil, Michelle Obama, Emma Watson, Ivanka Trump, Nancy Grace, Judge Judy, Alec Baldwin, Arnold Swarzenegger, Cindy Crawford
ESTJ's often view others rational for actions that go against the ESTJ's enforced regulations as excuses. They will be very accusatory and harsh, and when other types try and explain why the ESTJ is not making sense and the other types reasons are valid ('I did this because this and I know that this yeilds'...), that rational will go right over the ESTJ's heads because ESTJ's don't understand the introverted thinking function, and this is one of their primary flaws. Regardless, ESTJ's are friendly, intelligent and outspoken. ESTJ's are also very playful and quirky when you get to know them really well. They typically have a sporty or professional style, this is a pretty universal. Another interesting universal trait about the ESTJ is that they have the ability to talk for hours about absolutely nothing, this is a defense mechanisms when they don't want to answer a question. ESTJ's and ENTJ's are the two "leadership" types. Both may end up very popular and tend to have a friend group. An interesting difference about the ESTJ and ENTJ though is that the ESTJ would not notice if their "posse of people" disappeared in terms of how powerful they feel. ESTJ's are actually really independent and will have no problem"fighting alone" per say.
*Business administrators and managers
*Police/ Detective Work
*Sales Reps
*Financial officers
*Anything Technological
"ESTJ's beat themselves up constantly, despite being rather brilliant..."
"In order to insult an ESTJ they would first have to value your opinion"
ESFJ's are the stereotypical "parents". ESFJ's are natural caregivers and want to make sure everyone is comfortable. ESFJ's are very aware of their environment and very adaptable to changes in their environment. "ESFJ's have considerable willpower and can be very forceful when they want something done their way. An angry ESFJ is a force to be reckoned with, especially because of their ability to gain support from others." ESFJ's are often interested in the complexity of the universe. Some may also be very apt to learn practical work, like how to fix their cars. "In some cases you might find an ESFJ digging through a scrapyard so they can build their own custom vehicle." "ESFJ's love the small things in life-the taste of wine, the way squirrels run up trees, and how sunshine feels on their face" things like that. And it's this quality about loving each and every small little aspect that let's ESFJ's live such fulfilled and happy lives. "ESFJ's are incredibly warm, inviting, and friendly." They typically love people, especially kids. ESFJ's are a refreshing personality. They have a beautiful childlike quality to them that keeps others feeling at ease. Other types can learn a lot from ESFJ's in terms of learning to live in the here and now and living life to its fullest. ESFJ's are however inclined to have very sudden, very terrifying mood swings. Nevertheless ESFJ's are very altruistic people. "They are typically very popular and are the stereotypical high school cheerleader/quarterback." ESFJ's have been described as the 'nice popular kid'. They are very social people who also have a strong sense of responsibility. ESFJ's are very dutiful and take their service to others very seriously. ESFJ's love teams and team building activities. They also love to participate in things they feel are meaningful. They operate on a moral compass and value law and tradition. "They make loyal, devoted partners and parents." They do tend to like hierarchy systems because they feel it keeps things clear and organized. You can always find an ESFJ at a party. They are the ones chatting and laughing with everyone. ESFJ's like to talk about people and events, they do tend to like gossip. "ESFJ's are natural providers who take it upon themselves to provide health and wellness to those in their care." They are conscientious and sensitive. As kids they were probably called 'good little helpers.' They seek harmony and cooperating and are often seen being a host or hostess. ESFJ's are one of the least likely types to suffer from substance abuse. They are also among the most likely to stay in college. ESFJ's are supportive, nurturing, and reliable. They are enthusiastic and caring communicators who make wonderful contribution to the human condition.
ESFJ Character: Dean (Supernatural)
ESFJ Careers:
* Nursing
* Stay at home mom/dad
* Medical field in general
* Personal training
* Teaching
* Administration
* Personal Assistant
* Day care owner/ worker
* ESFJ's will vary in career choice
* SAles Reps
* Marketing Personnel
* Police/ Detective Work
* Paramedics
* PC Technicians or Network Cablers
* Computer Tech Support
* Entrepreneurs
* TEachers maybe?
* Professional Athletes
* Engineering
* Management
* Medicine
* Law
* Accountancy
* Artists
* Performers or Actors
* Sales Reps
* COuncelors
* Social Work
* Child Care
* Fashion Design
* Interior Decorators
* COnsultants
* Photographers
* Celebrity
"I am selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes. I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." -Marilyn Monroe
ESFP Character: Donkey (Shrek)
ESFP Character: Mushu (Mulan)
ISTP Character: Tinkerbell (Peter Pan)
ESTP Character: Flynn Rider (Tangled)
ISTP Character: Thomas O'Malley (The Aristocats)
ISFP (Right)
Great Example
ISFP (Right)
* Book Keeper/ Librarian
* Veterinarian
* Cosmetologist
* Artist
* Dental Hygienist
* Fitness Trainer
* Police Officer
* Firefighter
* Nurse
* Massage Therapist
* ER Doctor
* Geologist
* Preschool Teacher
Research on ISFP

Interesting facts about the ISFP:

On personality trait measures, score as Easygoing
Among types most likely to report heart disease and hypertension
In college, likely to report low levels of assertiveness
In essays, projected themselves the fewest number of years into the future of all the types
Among the types least likely to stay in college
Most likely of all types to report stress associated with finances and children
In a national sample, likely to value a work environment which provides security, clear and simple instructions, and no expectation of extra work hours
Underrepresented among MBA students and small business owners

"They have an extraordinary ability to work with the slightest nuances of color, tone, texture, aroma, and flavor"
"You have enemies? Good. That means you stood up for something at some time in your life." -Winston Churchill
ISTP Celeb: Anna Kendrick
"Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending to the wind." *The ISTP is the cracked tree
who stands their ground no
matter the scars.
& AP Psychology Final Project
ISTP's are rational and curious explorers. They are level headed and logical. They tend to approach new concepts the 'trial and error way' and trust their first hand experience. ISTP's are definitely doers. They also are incredibly independent and self sufficient. ISTP's will be very strong believers in freedom and hate nothing more than someone telling them what they can or can not do. Like ESTP's, ISTP's will view rules and laws as guidelines that they ought to consider, but ultimately will turn to their logic and gut instincts when making decisions. ISTP's are 'the heroes in disguise' or 'the bad kid that turns out not to be so bad after all...' To be frank, some ISTP's sometimes come across as heartless or too tough...HOWEVER usually turn out to be warm hearted on the inside. A great way to understand the character of an ISTP is too look at a literal ISTP character. Let's use Sawyer from LOST. In the beginning of LOST, Sawyer comes across rather strongly as a potential villain. There are times in the series where Sawyer does make some assholeish moves which leads many of the rest of the group too dislike him, however there are plenty of heroic acts Sawyer does...there just isn't an audience. For example in season 2, Sawyer saves the life of another character by doing CPR. Immediately after doing CPR Sawyer has to pull a bullet out of his own arm because he has been shot this whole time. When the other character comes back into consciousness Sawyer never mentions what he just went through or the fact that he saved the other characters life. The point is that ISTP's are misunderstood because they do all their good deeds behind the scenes when nobody is watching them (but doesn't that indicate good character?) And they are not the type that brags about their accomplishments. ISTP's "have to learn at some point that other personality types have much more firmly drawn lines on rules and acceptable behavior than they do." "ISTP's struggle with boundaries and guidelines, preferring the freedom to move about and color outside the lines if they need too." ISTP's are creative and usually very funny. ISTP's have a hands on approach to life and are able to master any task they try in an impressively short amount of time. ISTP's are often called "the warrior's". They are impossible to distract. ISTP's are not easily viewed as academic intellectuals' but they are very intelligent clever people. Many are both well read and street smart also. ISTP's work very diligently at the task at hand. They are able to construct things in their minds and then build them. ISTP's are creative, but aim their creativity to more practical applications. ISTP's are direct, honest, guarded, detached, critical, and resourceful, optimistic, and spontaneous. Interesting facts about ISTP's are they are highly represented in male college sports scholarships but are among the least likely types to stay in college. Many ISTP's find success in trade jobs where they can apply their their talents and skills.
"Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that, even when the rest of the word disagrees, you still see beauty."
ISFJ's live their lives with a theme of homeostasis. They are mentally very stable people and are not apt to have random mood swings. ISFJ's are always striving to have balance in their lives and wish to remain both physically and emotionally healthy. "ISFJ's are both reflective and in the moment". ISFJ's are naturally nurturing/ maternal and enjoy having something or someone look after, if they don't have this they may begin to feel empty. "ISFJ's are secretly eccentric but outwardly tranquil and friendly. 'ISFJ's also have a very calm, zen, quiet, tranquil, stoic and serious demeanor...and they are pretty calm but they really aren't serious. ISFJ's actually have a very goofy very weird sense of humor when you get to know them'. "ISFJ's are unassuming but strong hearted, loyal, responsible, and protective figures. ISFJ's are considered wise in a peculiar way and are mysterious. They represent a strong but sensitive spirit or a stern but loving parental figure". ISFJ's supposedly are best suited to be nutritionists, chef's, homemakers, and personal trainers. They are "scientists of their own bodies" in that they are perhaps the most aware of their physical and emotional well being and will be hyper aware of the effects of foods and drugs on their bodies. ISFJ's are also very in touch with nature and the element of earth. ISFJ's are also not clique people and usually have friends from a variety of "groups". "ISFJ's are really unique and their qualities defy the definition of their individual traits. Despite being a 'Sensing' type instead of an 'iNtuitive' type, they are still very intuitive people who have a grasp on both the physical (Sensing) and the metaphysical (iNtuition) world. They are very analytical and also have strong people skills. Actually they are naturally social which is not hugely typical for all introverts. ISFJ's are generally kind people and are also enthusiastic and generous. They make ideal parents and are rivaled in that only by the ESFJ. They are also extremely responsible and if they tell you they will do something, that thing will get done. ISFJ's need to be wary that people will try and take advantage of their kindness and generosity. ISFJ's are supportive, hard- working, imaginative, enthusiastic, and practical. ISFJ's can be really shy and don't open up to others very fast. ISFJ's value tradition but have no problem with change either. ISFJ's are often coined "The Defender" and "The Nurturer" and have a desire to serve others and have "a need to be needed". "ISFJ's have a rich inner world that is not usually obvious to observers. They constantly take in information about people and situations that is important to them and store it away. This tremendous store of information is usually startlingly accurate, because the ISFJ has an exceptional memory. It would not be uncommon for an ISFJ to remember a particular facial expression or conversation years later". ISFJ's should know that they are linked to compulsive tendencies. ISFJ's are needed in the world, they are the most diligent and pick up the slack for all the lazy people out there. Chances are everyone has fallen and been picked back up by an ISFJ at some point in their lives.
INFJ Character: Charlie (The Perks of Being a Wallflower)
This one is a college class that got divided into groups by personality type and had to make videos
ISFP's are very in touch with their identities. They know who they are and what they stand for and don't need affirmation from others. This makes them low maintenance individuals in relationships. ISFP's love travel and adventure. They like things in their lives to be ever changing and might be the type to move around a lot, or at least remodeled. ISFP's are nicknamed: "The moral advocate", "The adventurer", "The quiet party-goer", "The hunter gatherer", "The nomad", and "the player". "ISFP's are creative, sensative souls with a great capacity for love. ISFP's usually love animals and small children more than other types. ISFP's are said to be more in touch with spirituality and the concept of 'their soul'. ISFP's are typically hyper aware of aesthetic qualities and beauty. Many are interested in makeup nails, and hair. ISFP's value people as individuals, and will not be the ones trying to live through other people. ISFP's are passionate and intense. They are also quick witted, good listeners, an generally optimistic. Most are said to be creative, kind, caring, and quiet. They are both realistic and spontaneus as well as relaxed and warm. They tend to live by the modo "live and let live".
ESFP's are the life of the party. They are said to be the most fun of all the personality types. They are charming, enthusiastic, helpful, talkative, and encouraging. They are very observant and aware of everyone and how much fun everyone is having. They are humorous and entertaining to others. They are going to be very popular with everyone They are very open to everyone but only talk seriously with people they are close too. They are empathetic and kind hearted. ESFP's are very practical people, though they hate schedules and routine and prefer an open and ever changing life. They are strongly in tune with the five senses and are fast to react and adapt to changes in their surroundings. ESFP's love talking too and telling stories to people. They are very quick witted and charming. ESFP's often jump from thought to thought when talking. They are a bundle of energy who loves to preform. ESFP's are smooth, talkative, uninhibited, and witty. All the worlds a stage to ESFP's. Wherever they are, ESFP's naturally capture the spotlight.
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