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Jorge Sanchez

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Greek Gods and Goddesses A Family Tree Ouranos (The Sky) + Gaia (The Earth)
gave birth to Cronos, Rhea & Titans The Twelve Olympians Zeus: King of the gods; god of thunder
Hera: Sister and Wife of Zeus; goddess of marriage
Poseidon: Brother of Zeus; god of the sea
(Hades: Brother of Zeus; god of the underworld)
Demeter: Sister of Zeus; goddess of farming. The Twelve Olympians Zeus's children Questions for Monday How did Rhea outsmart Cronos?
How did Zeus free his siblings?
Why was Hera so upset with Zeus all the time?
What was Athene wearing when she was born?
Who helped her be born?
What animal does Poseidon create? Who does he create it for?
Why did Greeks put a coin under the tongues of the dead?
Who is Demeter's daughter?
What misfortune befalls her? Trimester 2 Week 2 Zeus and his siblings. Dionysius: Son of Zeus; god of wine and parties.
Apollo: Son of Zeus; God of the Sun, music, and healing.
Artemis: goddess of the moon and hunting.
Athene: goddess of wisdom and war.
Athene popped out of Zeus's head.
Hephaestus: Son of Zeus; god of fire.
Ares: Son of Zeus; god of war.
Aphrodite: Daughter of Zeus; goddess of love.
Hermes: son of Zeus; god of travel and communication.
Messenger of the gods. pages 3-29. DoNow 11/19 What was the first thing that got the myths started?
What does this tell us about why they were told? 11/15 DoNow Which of these has a grammatical problem and why?
1. Because he said so.
2. One of these books are missing.
3. When will the mans mail be delivered?
4. Their is at least one thing wrong. DoNow 11/16 Which Olympic God is your favorite and why? DoNow 11/20 Are the Olympians good or bad?
Fair or unfair?
Support your position with evidence. Week Three DoNow 11/26 From your reading so far, what kinds of things do myths try to explain? Creative Exercise Write your own myth.
It must be an origin myth.
In other words, explain
how something was created
why things are a certain way, or
why a certain thing happened.
It must imitate the myths we've read
but must also be ORIGINAL Questions from Homework Do Now 11/28 Apollo was an important and loved God in ancient Greece.
Was this attention well-deserved?
1.Who is the father of Artemis and who is her brother?
2.Who does Artemis get her hounds from?
3.Where does Apollo kill Python?
4.Who does Apollo test by turning into a diseased poor man? Who does Apollo send him to?
5.Which other god makes Apollo pursue Daphne?
6.Hermes has an argument with which god?
7.What does Hermes trade with Apollo? Temple of Zeus at Olympus Athena Parthenos (Athens) DoNow 11/29 Describe a time when you had an experience of L'esprit de l'escalier
l'esprit de l'escalier is a French term meaning a situation when you realize what you should have said when it was too late. Week Four Do Now 12/3 Should Prometheus have been punished for what he did?
Why or why not? Questions for Today 12/3 1.Why did Hephaestus fall when he was born?
2.Who saved him when he fell into the sea?
3.How was Aphrodite born?
4.Who becomes Aphrodite’s husband? What does he say that wins her hand?
5.What complaint does Prometheus bring to Zeus?
6.How does Prometheus disobey? What is his punishment?
7.Who was Pandora? Who gave her a box?
8.What is the cause of the tension within the myth of Pandora?
9.What was in the box? What is the last thing left in it? Hephaestus and Aphrodite Prometheus Questions for 12/4/12 1. Who is Phaethon's father? Who is Epaphus?
2. What happens to Phaethon when he tries to go to the palace of the sun?
3. Phaethon gives into what temptation? What are the consequences of it?
4. Who kills Phaethon? Why?
5. According to the myth, why do poplar trees have amber sap?
6. Who were Orpheus's mother and father? What was he good at?
7. Why would the fisherman ask Orpheus to come with them?
8. Who was Orpheus's wife? Who kills her? Why does this happen?
9. How does Orpheus convince Hades to release his wife?
10. What is the condition of her return to earth?
11. Describe her second death. Questions for 12/5/12

1.What kind of creature is Echo? Whose favorite was she?
2.What would happen to every girl who saw Narcissus?
3.After Echo sees Zeus, who does she run into? What does Echo tell her?
4.Who punishes Echo, and why? What is the punishment?
5.Describe what happens when Echo and Narcissus meet.
6.What happens to Narcissus and echo in the end?
7.Why was Aphrodite jealous of Psyche?
8.What does Aphrodite hope will happen to Psyche after Eros shoots her?
9.What happens to Eros when he tries to shoot Psyche?
10.Describe what happens in the castle that Psyche is taken to by the wind.
11.What ultimately happens to Psyche?
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