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Back to School - English 4A 2018-19

The basics of what you need to know for my class

Peter Flynn

on 5 September 2018

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Transcript of Back to School - English 4A 2018-19

end of test
Procedures and Guidelines
Mr. Flynn Back to School
English 4A - N229

Find the seat that has
your folder on it.
(hint: seats are alphabetical...)

Quickwrite: What was your favorite individual English lesson or project? (any school)
Please do not write on your folder.
Please use the next 5 - 10 minutes to fill out the Student Information Sheet. Please be accurate, as the information could save your life someday.
Where am I going to sit?
For now, you're going to start each class where you're sitting now. Once I learn your names, you can choose your seats, assuming you've proven you can handle it.

What do you (think
you) know about me?
Going under the Golden Gate Bridge
Brothers: Kevin and Travis
Married for 12 years
to Nikki (Veronique)
How will Mr. Flynn
treat me this year?
With respect
Like he would want to be treated

Class Rules
Respect yourself
Respect others
Be prepared
1. Verbal Warning
2. Written Warning
3. After-School Conference
4. Meeting with Parents
5. Referral to Administration
(Go back down a step for every 2 weeks of mature behavior)
Cell Phones / Electronic Devices
If YOU choose to distract YOURSELF, you are only hurting YOURSELF.
If you want to Tweet/Facebook/Tumblr/Pin/Stumble all class, good luck on quizzes and tests.
If it gets ridiculous....yeah, we'll talk about it.
You can use an iPod during in-class writing/reading as long as nobody else can hear it. No iPod during quizzes or tests.
Snack - Sure.
Water - Yeah, ok.
Full Meal - Um, no.
*If you have a special circumstance, come talk to me.
How will I be graded?
Points Earned / Points Possible
I often build extra credit into quizzes/tests
Reading checks: 10 points, before we discuss a reading, will not be announced, straightforward
Quizzes: 33/66 points. Announced, after we discuss a reading
Tests/Projects, etc: 100 points, after discussion and quiz(zes).
Not everything is graded. Some assignments are to give you practice to prepare for quizzes/tests/projects. I don't give you an assignment unless I feel it's worthwhile. Basically, I don't believe in busywork.
Severe breach of guidelines will result in immediate removal from class and a disciplinary referral
Fair warning: I'm pretty laid back / easy going. DO NOT take advantage of that.
Classroom Procedures
Before the bell is your time, after the bell is my time.
When the bell rings:
Be in your seat
Have everything ready
Begin doing what you read on the board
If you are late:
Enter quietly
If you have a pass, drop it in the tray on my desk
If not, quietly take your seat
MLA Heading:
Use an MLA header.
Your Name
My name
English 4A
XX Month 2017-18 (ex. 10 September 2017)
Anything that's not taken/handed in the day it is due temporarily goes into Genesis as a 0.
If you were absent, make it up when you get back. 1 day extra per day absent.
If it's late, see the next slide.
It's YOUR responsibility to schedule a time to make up quizzes/tests. I'm not chasing you down.
If you were in class when the assignment was assigned, you do not get extra time. It's due the day it's due.
Late Policy:
Major assignments - Projects/Papers, etc: 10% late for each calendar day. That includes days we do not meet for any reason.
Everything else - 50% credit 1 day late, after that don't bother.
If you can't turn in an assignment due to emergency situations, simply have your parent / guardian email me when the situation has settled down. I am very reasonable, and we will make arrangements.
If you need to leave class early:
Let me know before class starts.
When you have to leave, get my attention and quietly leave.
If you need to leave because of an emergency: GO! We'll figure it out later.
Classroom discussions:
Sometimes I will take volunteers, sometimes I will call on people. Please have SOMETHING to say.
Keep comments/questions relevant to the current topic.
If you have an off-topic question, write it down so you don't forget.
I often express opinions in discussions that aren't my personal opinions. If I feel a relevant view is not being represented, sometimes I will argue that position. I try to keep my personal views on controversial topics to myself. My job is to teach you to think for yourself, not parrot what you think I believe.
I will often have a short closing assignment at the end of the class. Please do not pack up early. It's distracting to me and to your classmates.
Before you leave this classroom, please make sure your desk is back where it started and the area around it is clean.
If I'm planning to be out, I will let you know ahead of time. I will usually tell you what will be happening while I'm gone.
When I come back, I will ask you how the sub was. PLEASE be honest. It's in both my best interest and yours to have quality subs who are pleasant and professional. If you have a complaint about a sub, I want to hear it.
Fire Drill:
When we get outside, get off the street and stand in a group so I can make sure that nobody has perished in the towering inferno.
(I just need to know you're all there)
Emergency Drills:
I have the most, or very close to the most experience with emergency situations. If we have an emergency drill or a real emergency, please DO NOT TALK, listen, and immediately follow my directions.
I realize this has taken a while. Thank you for hanging in. I will now take your questions about anything you didn't understand or anything relevant you want to talk about.
I will use Google Classroom this year. We will set that up today.
Making a friend in Vermont
We have two cats: Susie (4 yrs old) and Willow (3 year old)
Best friends
We will be using Chromebooks in our class fairly often during class. These are great tools to help expand learning opportunities. When we are not using them, please keep them either closed or at a 45 degree angle.
Short version, I love Netflix too, but I’m not watching it during class, and you shouldn’t either.
Email policy: I will respond to answers I receive during school hours that day. Emails I receive after 2:30 pm will be answered the following school day. Please make sure to plan ahead.
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