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Mexican - American War

Mexican American Battle and major leaders

Gil Guitron

on 22 May 2010

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Transcript of Mexican - American War

Double click anywhere & add an idea Mexican Land Mexico's Land Around the 1840's
Before After After Treaty Of Hidalgo Mexican - American War Mexican American War Routes
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

Leader/President Santa Anna was the leader and led the Mexican army. He was also the president and fought in the battles of the Mexican American War. Santa Anna was very brave enough to fight in all the battles but not to die for Mexico which irrated some people. United States Leader/President
James Polk
Zachary Taylor
Battles Won Battles Won
The United States had a total of
about 78,7OO soldiers and lost
around 13,OOO of them Soldiers Soldiers Mexico had about 25,OOO-40,000 soldiers and lost around 25,000 soldiers James Polk was the 11th
president of the United
States and is known for leading America through the Mexican-American War Zachary Taylor was one of the main military leaders and was trusted by James Polk. Zachary Taylor did what Polk wanted in the wr and always succeeded. He later became the president after Polk died. Thanks for Watching
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