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American girls

No description

Spots Spots

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of American girls

American girl dolls
American girls are dolls that have movies,books,and some have pets!
I have an American girl doll too! Her name is Elizabeth and I got her for Christmas.
There are other American girls like these six dolls.
Did you know that American girls could have their own house?Well now they can. But you can't buy them at a store you have to make it!
Somebody made this American girl doll house!
There are also girls of the year. The 2012 girl of the year was named Mckenna.
I like Mckenna because she is a gymnast just like me.
There are also american girl doll stores where you can eat with your american girl in a seat beside you.But if you don't have a American girl of your own the people who work there will let you borrow one just for the little chair and teacup!Now isn't that nice?But all the American girl stores are far away so we'll only go there if we have to.
There is also a American girl named Kit Kittrige and her dad lost his job so he went out looking for a job.So then it was just Kit and her mom so they almost lost their house. But then dad came with money for the house so they could stay.
Go! Kit Go!
There are also Bitty Babies. Bitty Babies are miniature American girl dolls for girls that are seven and up.
There are also bitty twins as you could see the bitty babies had no hair but these do just to make you happier.
There is also a girl named Molly.In her story her dad goes out to war to help so then it is just her and her mom.Even though she is unhappy she still tries to have fun.She has fun with her friends by having parties with them.
Julie was very sad because her parents got divorced, and she had to live in an apartment far from her dad.She misses a lot of people like her best friend Ivy and her dad.Now she lives with her mom,her sister, and her pet bunny.
Marisol is a girl who was born to dance.The upsetting news that her family is moving to the Chicago suburbs is made worse when Marisol learns that her new neighborhood doesn't have a dance studio.That means no tap, no jazz, no hip-hop, no ballet-not even
classical ballet.

Instead of giving up, resourceful Marisol is determined to keep dancing.With the help of two new friends,she figures out how to combine the best of her old world with the renewed commitment to stretch and try her hardest.
Mia is an ice skater who always eats healthy or just tries...
Chrissa is a new girl at school and a lot of kids are making fun of her.Then she gets help from her grandma.The help she got worked.
Samantha is a girl who meets a girl named Nellie(a girl who can't go to school because she has to work in a factory to make money.Of course she has to make money because she is poor.So Nellie goes to school because she can go now.But after school she didn't like it because all the other kids made fun of her, and there was a strict teacher.
Nellie and Samantha.
Felicity is a girl who loves horses.But when her papa tells her aunt that Jiggy Nye worked his old horse to death. Felicity goes to his home and trains the new horse Penny she learns how to ride and Nye said that whoever can ride Penny could have her.
Caroline is a sailor. One time she and papa were sailing president Madison declared war. They captured papa as a prisoner and sailed away. The next thing you know Caroline has to give up her brand-new rug to have the cannon balls fit in the cannon to win the battle.
Addy and her family are slaves.Being a slave means to work for people once you are old enough, and if you try to escape and you get caught, you would get whipped.In Addy's story, Addy's brother tries to escape and he gets whipped.Then, one night,Addy overherd what her parents were talking about, they were talking about leaving!But then,Addy's brother and dad tried to escape and almost died.So Addy and her mom have to leave alone without baby Esther.They couldn't have brought Esther because if she cried, she would give them away.They would have brought Esther along if Dad were there because if Esther cried, he could carry her.Addy's grandma couldn't come because if Esther cried, they wouldn't be able to run.
Saige is a horse-back rider.Every year, her grandma rides in a parade. This year, Saige's grandma had an accident with the dog and can't ride in the parade. Saige now has to get enough courage to ride in the parade and not fall off.
Isabelle Palmer is excited about her first year at Anna Hart school of the artsbut her classmates are so talented -especially her older sister, Jade. Isabelle loves ballet, but she wonders if she'll always be dancing in her sister's shadow.
Isabelle is the girl of the year, 2014.
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