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Land Down Under by Paul Jelzon

All about Australia, The Land Down Under

Paul Jelzon

on 5 January 2012

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Transcript of Land Down Under by Paul Jelzon

Australian Geography
The Land Down Under
Fast Facts
Australia is the sixth largest country in the world.
Australia’s tallest mountain
is Mount Kosciuszko at 7,310 feet
Australia’s coastline is 36,735km
Its geographic size
is 2.97 million square miles.
Northern Territory (NT)
Western Australia (WA)
the smallest
Queensland (QLD)
Manufacturing industry
Economy relies on export more than any other state
South Australia (SA)
Australia’s largest state
State capital is Perth
Cottesloe Beach
Beachside Indianna Teahouse
Fremantle Prison
Fremantle Market
Darwin is the capital city
Aside from the manufacturing industry in Melbourne, agriculture is the dominant economy
Major exports include beef & lamb cattle, wool & dairy production and wheat
Home of Australian Rules Football
Victoria (VA)
the capital and largest city
Lake Pedder
Tasmania (TAS)
Main industries are mining,
and tourism
Tasmanian Tiger, Tasmanian Devil

and different species of birds.
Home to indigenous animals:
New South Wales (NSW)
Oldest and most populous state

3 main cities:

Newcastle: 6th largest city and the world’s busiest coal export port

Sydney: capital of NSW and is the largest and oldest city

Wollongong: industrial city meaning “sound of the sea”; nickname “The Gong”
Mount Isa: world’s largest city by area

Gold Coast and the Great Dividing Range: popular regions
Contains 5 World Heritage listed preservation sites
Let's explore Australia!
Thank you!
The Great Ocean Road
"The Mecca of
Melbourne Shopping"
The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)
Offers large tracts of the Outback
Kangaroo Island
3rd largest island in Australia
Valley Vineyard
centre of metropolitan area and home to three quarters of the state’s residents
Let's review!
The Garden State
The Widflower State
Apple Isle
The Festival State
First State, Premier State
Outback Australia
Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
Capital: Canberra

“Pro Rege, Lege et Grege”
(For the Queen/King, the Law and the People)

ACT does not have a coat of arms

Major Industries:
Property and Business Services,
Ownership of Dwellings and
Finance and Insurance
Casuarina Sands
Namadji National Park
“Orta Recens Quam Pura Nites”
(Newly Risen, How Brightly You Shine)
Sunshine State
“Audrax at Fidelis” (Bold but Faithful)
Festival State
“United for the Common Wealth”
The Apple Isle
“Ubertas et Fidelitas” (Fertility and Faithfulness)
Garden State
“Peace and Prosperity”
The Wilflower
“Cygnis Insignis” (Distinguished by its Swans)
Kata Tjuta, Australia
The other two sizable settlements are:

Alice Springs (in the desert interior, 1500 km to the south)

and Katherine (near the base of the Top End).
Aquascene (Attraction)
Crocosaurus Cove
Outback Australia
Created by: Paul Jelzon Belita
Copyright 2011
The Capital of Australia
Biggest City
Projected population:
4,439,315 as of August 3rd 2010
Australia’s lowest point is
Lake Eyre at 3,430 square miles.
Population: 22,409,899

source: ABS
The Premier State
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