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Copy of fact and opinion

fact and opinion fact: a statement that is true and can be proven opinion:someone's belief; or view

Tammy Murray

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of fact and opinion

fact and opinion fact: a statement that is true and can be proven opinion:someone's belief; or view Here is a question Lisa says dogs are the best animals in the world. That statment was Lisa's:
A: opinion
B: fact
C: her imagination Tom is eight years old and that is a fact but why? If Katie said she hate's dolphins that is her opinion because I might think dolphins are really cool. Thanks for watching!!!!! hope you enjoyed it Because you can prove it that is how facts work An opinion is something that you can argue. If I can prove that something is true it is a fact A was the right answer Drinking orange juice right after brushing your teeth tastes bad. 3 Charter school students are scheduled to attend school more often than students who attend neighborhood schools. 10 Super Mario is one of the greatest video game characters of all time. 8 The Xbox came out before the Wii. 7 Cheating on your boyfriend or girlfriend is wrong. 6 Chicken that has not been properly prepared and cooked may cause salmonella. 5 Justin Bieber deserved to win the Grammy for best new artist. 4 The Family Guy is not appropriate to watch during school. 1 Write down whether each example is fact or opinion.
Explain your answer. Practice According to sales records, strawberry ice-cream is the worst selling of all flavors.
Therefore, we can conclude that strawberry is the least popular major ice-cream flavor.
This is because strawberry ice-cream does not taste as good as vanilla and chocolate. Fact or Opinion? Opinions are statements that cannot be proven.

Opinions can be argued.
Opinions may be supported with facts.
Opinions cannot be proven.

Golf is boring.
Pizza is delicious.
Math is the hardest subject. Opinions Facts are statements that can be proven.

Facts may be true or false.
But facts can be proven.

1. Statistically, women live longer than men.
Most buses weigh more than most cars.
There are ten inches in a foot (false). Facts How to Tell the Difference Fact and Opinion Opinion
Fact Answers Chocolate milk tastes better than regular milk. 9 There are fewer panda bears in the world than grizzly bears. 2
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