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Module 6: Territory Management

Off-campus recruitment & territory management

Northwestern Admissions

on 18 January 2017

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Transcript of Module 6: Territory Management

Module 6: Territory Management
Off-campus recruitment
You are given control over your recruitment territory, and it is your job to recruit it the best you can! You'll want to make strategic partnerships with churches, youth pastors, and schools, as well as knowing all the events in the area where Northwestern should have a presence!
You are a territory manager!
Our decisions are data-driven. You'll want to run reports to see what cities in your territory have a large number of recruits.

There will also be some strategic recruits you'll visit because they are top students.

After you have managed the territory for a couple years, you'll have your finger on its pulse and KNOW where you need to visit!
How do I know where to recruit?
If there is a Northwestern radio station (we call these O & O's), you'll want to partner with them. They are tremendous allies for recruiters, connecting us to local events & promoting the college on-air.

You'll love working with the radio stations!
The value of outlying radio stations
High school visits

College fairs

Personal appointments

Group presentations
Off-campus events
Every high school visit
will be influenced by how many and what kind of students show up for the visit.
Always check-in in the school office, ask for the guidance office or career center, and assess the group that shows up.
Meet the needs of the students who show up:
* Tell them about majors of interest.
* Describe campus.
* Invite them for a campus tour or visit event.
* Always give them an action point ... what is their next step after you leave?
At at a college fair location, look around for people with wheelie-carts, and when you've found them, you know you're in the right place!
Your PAL will take you to your first college fair and show you how to set up your table!
While traveling, admission counselors often take top recruits out to coffee, dinner, or dessert.
As territory managers, we jump at the opportunity to present to a larger audience! These opportunities include speaking at Christian school chapels, giving college search presentations to students and parents, sharing a message at a church youth group.
These opportunities will unfold as you develop partnerships in your territory. Build a relationship first and then find an appropriate way to ask after such opportunities.
Be CREATIVE as a territory manager! Brainstorm new ideas and pitch your ideas to your supervisor anytime.
As Ken always asks us, "What would you do if you were paid commission for each student you recruited?"
Remember that you're not recruiting in a vacuum! Use the wisdom and history of the other admission counselors to inform your own territory management.
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