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What is Prezi?

For online Prezi Training email us at training@theprezenter.com

Russell Anderson-Williams

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of What is Prezi?

Start building presentations in .....Prezi In Prezi....... you don't just move from left In Prezi....... you zoom out to show the big picture Presentations....... can feel lonely at times Presentations....... require delivery of both verbal and visual content Presentations....... are vital tools to communicate ideas They must engage the audience So ditch the slides....... Yaaaaaaaawwwwwnnnn!!! to right In Prezi....... you zoom in to explain the details In Prezi....... you don't just show your audience the information In Prezi....... you take them to the information In Prezi....... your audience can make connections between your content And remember more! Make every presentation a masterpiece .....with Prezi Start today at http://www.prezi.com For Online Prezi Training visit http://www.theprezenter.com/prezi-training/online-prezi-training- How do I learn ? The best online Prezi training around....FACT! http://www.theprezenter.com/online-prezi-training Online training
3 week program
x3 1 hour sessions
Prezi assignments
3 weeks of support
Max class size 15
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