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Copy of Active Reading

No description

Sierra McAllister

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Active Reading

Used alongside text books
On assessments
Helps support higher level thinking
After strategy is used can be applied to
any text
Active Reading
Technique is helpful to all learners, but is especially helpful to ELL and SPED.
Same text. Smaller chunks. Big results.
Multiple content areas
Social Studies
Special Areas
Strategy can be used
in any content area.
Same colors every time
Main Idea=Green
Key Idea= Yellow
Text Based Evidence (TBE)=Pink
Teaching students to effectively
, 20% or less, is a challenge. This strategy teaches students what to highlight.
Using drawing allows the students to
visualize their reading and helps take the
reading to a deeper level.
As we move forward in preparing our students for their future, as students and adults, we know that they will be required to understand informational text with a true comprehension, this technique supports that quest.
Not a passive activity
Preview an active reading strategy
to build student metacognition and close reading.
Teaching students to infer is a
critical skill.
Through a process of thinking aloud
the teacher models how to visualize the
text, helping the student to become more
comfortable being meta cognitive learners.
Active reading prompts
multiple reading of the same
text, giving students the opportunity
to go deeper into meaning.
This gives students a tool
to attack text complexity

Gives teacher insight to
what the student is thinking.

PD for Teachers=60 minutes
In the classroom, first time with kids takes about 50 minutes to clearly explain thinking. (3x 20 Min. mini lessons)
Goal: 1 per week in a 20 minute session at the high end of the grade band
Standard 1:
Read closely
to determine what the text says explicitly and to make logical inferences from it; cite specific
textual evidence
when writing or speaking to support conclusions drawn from text.
In order to meet these new goals of PARCC and AIMS:
All content areas have to think of themselves as reading teachers
Natural Progression to help support our students in being able to support their claim as they write opinion based papers
PLC working together to support F.B.I.

Text Dependent Questions Grade 10

Which of the following sentences best states an important theme about human behavior as described in Ovid’s “Daedalus and Icarus”?

A. Striving to achieve one’s dreams is a worthwhile endeavor.
B. The thoughtlessness of youth can have tragic results.
C. Imagination and creativity bring their own rewards.
D. Everyone should learn from his or her mistakes.
Text Dependent Questions Grade 10
Select three pieces of evidence from the following excerpts that support your response to Part A:
A: “and by his playfulness retard the work/his anxious father planned” (lines 310-11)
B: “But when at last/the father finished it, he poised himself” (lines 312-3)
C: “he fitted on his son the plumed wings/ with trembling hands, while down his withered cheeks/the tears were falling” (lines 327-329)
D: “Proud of his success/the foolish Icarus forsook his guide” (lines 348-9)
E: “and, bold in vanity, began to soar/rising above his wings to touch the skies” (lines 350-351)
F: “and as the years went by the gifted youth/began to rival his instructor’s art” (lines 376-377)
G: “Wherefore Daedalus/enraged and envious, sought to slay the youth” (lines 384-385)
H: “The Partridge hides/in shaded places by the leafy trees…for it is mindful of its former fall” (lines 395-396, 399)
Standard 10:
Text complexity
RI Standards
Text starts formulaic
Increases to higher complexity
Text should go to the very top of the grade band
PARCC Implications
Active Reading
Guided Highlighting
Picture summary
Creating a picture in the mind
Specific textual evidence
Create make and take sample to use with kids
In the classroom, first time with kids takes about 50 minutes to clearly explain thinking. (3x 20 Min. mini lessons)
Goal: 1 per week in a 20 minute session at the high end of the grade band
Ideally with short, intense text
Active Reading
Used on informational text exclusively
The lesson focus is on main idea and supporting details
Summary writing is the end goal
Metacognition is employed to support visualization on students

Active Reading vs.
Close Reading

Close Reading
A multi step process that involves annotation
8 step process
Can be used with poems, literature, plays, speeches, informational text, & with technical subjects (math and science)

Big Picture
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