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Theory of Neurosis (Karen Horney)

lifespan brief presentation 10/16/12

queen q

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of Theory of Neurosis (Karen Horney)

Karen Horney's
Theory of Neurosis Neurosis
defined as, "psychic disturbance brought by fears and defenses against these fears, and by attempts to find compromise solutions for conflicting tendencies” "Compliance"
(Moving Towards People) 1. The neurotic need for affection and approval.

2. The neurotic need for a partner, for someone
who will take over one’s life. "Aggression"
(Moving Against People) 3. The neurotic need to restrict one’s life to narrow borders.

4. The neurotic need for power.

5. The neurotic need to exploit others.

6. The neurotic need for social recognition or prestige.

7. The neurotic need for personal admiration. "Detachment"
(Moving Away from People) 8. The neurotic need for personal achievement.

9. The neurotic need for self-sufficiency and independence.

10. The neurotic need for perfection and unassailability. Karen Horney's Theory of Neurosis
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