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No description

Katie Murphy

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of TEENS :) UNITE

Did you know that every day 6 young people are diagnosed with cancer in the UK alone? fighting cancer TEENS:)UNITE BY DAISY SHELTON, ASHWINNIE THUSHYANTHAN, KATIE MURPHY & SHAUNA LONG Teens Unite is a charity that helps young adults aged 13-24 that have cancer or other terminal illnesses; the charity also provides a respite home for families who have children suffering with cancer. QUESTIONNAIRE The charity supports young adults
throughout the whole of their treatment
and takes them out on fun days out that also motivates them throughout the difficult
period, activities include:
football matches
pamper days
art days Cancer is rare in teens. The types of cancers teens get have one thing in common: cells growing in an uncontrolled way. Cells are the basic components or "building blocks" of the human body. Cancer occurs when cells develop abnormally and grow in an uncontrolled way. Osteosarcoma is a type of cancer which is most common in teenagers and is usually formed near/in the bones. Thankyou for watching The charities mission is to help young people build on their self-esteem, self-confidence and to reduce the feeling of isolation, realising that others are facing similar challenges.
Thankyou for watching Teens Unite's long term goal is to build Respite Homes. They want to help improve the quality of life for these young people who face a complex and bewildering transition from children’s care to adult services. These Respite Homes will be ‘homes with a heart’ a place where teenagers battling cancer and other life limiting illnesses can receive comfort and support from staff.
With the money they have raised over the past years, the charity has been able to open a respite home. It will be open to 13-24 year olds and will help the young adults to be positive throughout their treatments. They will also be able to meet other young people who are going through the same processes.
The progress of this charity has been incredible however there is still so much we can do to help! If you would like to get involved or research the charity further, you can find information from:


Or follow their work on facebook:

www.facebook.com - Teens Unite Fighting Cancer
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