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Instagram Presentation

No description

Summer Candice

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of Instagram Presentation

# Originally named Burbn
# Created by Kevin Systrom and Mike
Krieger and launched in October 2010
# Instagram is a portmanteau of "instant
camera" and "telegram"
# January 2011, Instagram added hashtags (#)
# April 2012, released to Android users
# April 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for
$1 billion
# By May 2012, 58 photographs were being uploaded
and a new user was being gained each second
# 300 million users on December 2014

click here
Press here

# Iconosquare - the only app
providing metrics for Instagram

# Statistics, Facebook Custom Tab,
Timeline integration and Cover
picture generator

# Optimization chart: track
followers’ engagement with
recommendations on best times
to post

#2014ShortAwards - Best on Instagram: GoPro
# Branded as the "world's most versatile
camera, "GoPro needed a channel to show
the world its innovative product
# 2080 posts, 6.8 million followers to date
# Key influjencers created user generated
content (UGC)
# Customer-centric: #MusicMonday,
#TravelTuesday, Photo of the Day
# Heritage content: GoPro's 140 sponsored
# Encourages content capture, create and
sharing > engagement, intent and sales

# Build awareness an introduce the audience to future plans
# Encourages users to visit other platforms for additional
# Example: Ascension

# Visually highlight new features, products and services
# Example: Xbox One

# Brand engagement - real people using products and
# Showcase brand values while highlighting your customers'
# Example: GoPro

# A sneak peek can help your corporate story
# Give followers a real sense of how things are
behind the scenes
# Emotional connection by humanizing the brand
# Example: HubSpot

# Increase brand visibility and improve image
# Could inspire followers to purchase the product or service
# Kickstart hashtag trends, leverage popular hashtags
# Example: Expedia's #ThrowMeBack campaign

# Over 300 million active users
# Over 80 million pphotos are
posted daily
# 75% of Instagram accounts are
from outside the United States
# Over 40 billion photos have been
# 3.5 billion photos are like on average

# Largest population of young
users of any social media
# 53% of online 18-29 year olds
use Instagram
# 25% of online 30-49 year olds
use Instagram
# 11% of online 50-64 year olds
use Instagram
# 6% of online people 65 years
and older use Instagram
# 29% of online females use
# 22% of online males use Instagram
# 28% of Instagram users live in
urban areas.
# 26% of Instagram users live in
suburban areas
#19% of Instagram users live in rural
# Instafamous: Those who have become famous via Instagram
# Real name: Josh Ostrovsky
# Has over 6.5 million Instagram
# Became famous posting popular
Internet memes
# Now has a book deal, his own wine
brand and a tv pilot
# Created an internet sensation by
using his Instagram account to post
photos of his girlfriend leading him,
by the hand, through gorgeous
landmarks across the world.
# All pictures are the same pose
# Certain hashtags will increase
traffic to your page and views/likes
of your photos
# Certain filters are shown to have
an impact on your engagement
# Trackmaven recently did a study on
Instagram accounts to see how
filters affect engagement and
found that Mayfair, no filter and
Inkwell drove the most interaction.
# Certain times and days of
the week are better for posting pictures
for follower and potential follower
# You can use a program like Iconosquare
for a detailed analysis of your posting
history vs. engagement.
# Follow a user you like with a large
# Like and comment on their photos
# Follow a user you like with a large
# Like and comment on their photos
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