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Summer Internship Programme 2015

No description

madeline molyneaux

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of Summer Internship Programme 2015

June 08 - 14
June 15 to 18
July 28 to July 30
Feeling Unwell
The student health care centre is located in the UCD Student Centre (building no. 17 on campus map). Doctor & Nurse available on campus. There is a fee.
Walk in Service from 09.30 -13.00 and from 14.00 -16.00
We recommend you make an appointment.

All students must have their own medical insurance. This will cover hospital, dental and doctors visits.

If you are feeling lonely, unhappy or displaced please
come to see me or the student adviser.

A full listing of emergency services is available on our pre arrival link which I know you have all read!
Please be careful with your personal
belongings. Note the various serial numbers on your laptops, ipads, mobile phones.

Do not leave doors or windows unlocked.

Do not leave valuables or valuable documentation in an unsafe place or on display.

Be careful when socialising.

Pickpockets and theft are on the increase

Never walk home alone or get in a taxi without first noting the registration - get a receipt

Do not intervene in arguments - WALK AWAY

Be considerate of your housemates...
Welcome to University College Dublin
Summer Internship Programme 2015
Director of Lochlann Quinn School and the Summer Internship Programme - Dr. Paul Ryan

Ms Jacqueline Levine - Student Adviser

Internship Placement Managers -
EUSA - Janice Gaffey
UCD - Claire Kingston

Residences - Dara Bollard
How to Survive in your new Irish world
We speak hiberno english
Laid back attitude - time
Slang words
Weather, politics, sports
Keep up to date on social issues
Spelling of words
Irish people hate show offs
Think of some stereotypes you have of Ireland
What stereotypes do you think Irish people have of the US
Discipline Issues
Work Hours
Remember the jet lag syndrome.
receive your student card
sync your email accounts -all emails go to ucd connect
on your SIS account
update your mobile no.
update your emergency no.
note the duration of your stamp from Dublin Airport
register with the US Embassy
read all emails re: free cultural programme
introduce yourself to your housemates and discuss house rules
Register for gym induction
Register your laptop
Use your leap cards - top up at Stores
remember to contact your placement manager with questions about your job and go to residence reception with questions about your apartment
Laptops must be registered please do so at the IT support centre on campus. This is located in the Daedalus building.

You will receive your student card at the end of this session. You have a red card which acts as a key to residences

Centra shop located on campus 7am to 10pm with deli open until 8pm. Residences have issued you with a listing of local shops/supermarkets.

On campus post office, sports centre, student club, book shop, cinema, tennis/squash courts, astra turf.

Close to Ranelagh, Donnybrook and Blackrock villages

Close to bus to most parts of the city and to the dart.

Twenty minute walk to the coast.

You will receive a link regarding the sign up for cultural events for the summer. Please complete this as soon as possible according to the email instructions.

Cultural events are not mandatory. They are provided by the Quinn School as a gift

Full Itinerary of events on campus every day.

Read the guide that we have provided you with!

A twenty euro deposit is required before the first event on Saturday which is refunded at the end of the programme
once you attend all events that you sign up for.
You can give the deposit to my colleague Aine in the programme office Q021 - from Monday to Wednesday 12 to 1 and 2 to 4.

If you are unsure of your availability regarding an event it is best to state unsure as once you confirm your attendance you CANNOT change your mind!
Summer Internship Programme 2015
You have all been contacted by your lecturers.
Participation and attendance are noted in your grade
Grading is from a 4.2 GPA
Independent learning is a given
Fridays are for group work and study
Get to know your classmates
strict submission deadlines
10% penalties for late assignments of a week - 20% for late assignments of 2 weeks - after that not considered
Achieving an A is difficult and requires dedication
The Average Grade
Ensure to ask lecturers what they require

Module Workload

Office hours in UCD 9 to 5.

In Ireland –
999 /
Campus security
01 716 7999
Nearest Garda Station: Donnybrook -
01 - 6669200

UCD Contacts:
Madeline Molyneaux mobile

Enda Carroll mobile
087 230 7487

Enter the phone numbers as the ICE number on your phone and on Uni Care Card. Keep your ICE card in your wallet or on your person at all times.

Update your EMERGENCY CONTACT on SIS web. Put your contact number here in Ireland on SIS web.
Settle in Phase
Familiarise yourself with residence rules and go to Merville Reception with all questions in relation to residences
Finalise your reading for class
Timetable your assignment deadlines
Plan how to get your 'A'
Pay attention to your Placement Manager especially in regard to how to get to your interview
Get to know classmates - make an effort
Join the free activities
Explore UCD - utilise the gym, pool, cinema
Recover from jet lag
Explore Dublin and enjoy Belfast
Your internship placement begins

Learn what is expected of you and who you report to

Do not miss a day of work and be punctual

Be realistic about your experience and temper your expectations

Always be professional

Be aware of cultural differences

Email etiquette

Submit Assignments
Plan for your final lectures. It will assist you in getting that A grade

Remember attendance is mandatory July 28th to July 30th inclusive

Preparation for final presentations and assignments. Ensure you meet your deadlines as you are penalised for late submissions.

Finalise booking your seats for your return flight

Collect deposit from cultural programme and return all borrowed items - books etc.

Ensure accommodation know your departure date!!!

Attend the farewell meal.

Say goodbye to your Irish friends & colleagues
The Immediate 'To Do'
Ensure that your internship manager is happy with your progress thus far. Ask questions and also ask for more work if you finish a project early
Be aware when socialising with colleagues and managers. You have to return to your workplace and drunken behaviour is not looked on favourably.
Ensure that you are up to date with your group projects and assignments.
If you are unwell during your internship placement you need to contact Madeline, your placement manager, and your internship manager. A medical certificate will be required.

Enjoy your time here!


Relax, Breathe, it's going to be great!!!
Tired due to -
Functioning in an unfamiliar environment
Language misunderstandings
Different social rules and values
Different pace of life
Different food
Having unrealistic expectations of the host culture
Being in embarrassing situations
Not having a support network
Pressure on finances
Pressure to socialise

Talk to other students in the same situation but avoid those who are overly negative

Listen to your body clock

Limit your time spent on email, facebook, twitter, skype

Take walks to get to know your surroundings

Talk to your work colleagues if you are confused

Contact me, your placement manager or the student adviser here in UCD if you are anxious

Take one day at a time
Why do I feel so unlike myself
Two strikes and you go home
Code of Conduct
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