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Copy of Copy of Bassnectar explains Dubstep

No description

Fiona Li

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Bassnectar explains Dubstep

Offset lithography Why should you care? to protect our quality of life for future generations Limited natural resources World's
population What's the problem(s)? Energy problems, clean water shortages, overfishing, chemical farming, air pollution, cutting down rainforest land at an alarming rate -the problems facing our planet right now often seem insurmountable, and solutions are slow to implement. Overpopulation due in large part to immigration, are felt by the working class. With a steady supply of legal immigrants looking for work, fewer jobs are available to other citizens, and wages remain low. Taking into consideration other factors too numerous to cite, it is evident that the economy would greatly benefit from a steady decline in population growth. and then there's Overpopulation is often treated as complicating factor of issues like poverty, starvation, and water shortages, but it is the root cause. The more people there is, the more greenhouse gases you get in the atmosphere. -- It has a lot to do with our consumption patterns! But the media tends to shy away from the issue. We look at this as an issue that's very fraught with religious and political baggage because it encompasses issues of abortion, immigration, and the huge unanswered question of... "what's next?" Quality of future generation education Children attend schools that are overloaded and lack the teach to student interaction So... What are some of the things we can do to help NOW? Reduce & reuse. Live with less. Use it up, wear it out,
make it do, or do without. an advice from an old World War II-era poster:
save $$ and shrink our environmental footprint Ask yourself: "do I really need that?!" again - save $$ & shrink carbon footprint Encourage 2 children max per family! kinda like jazz U.S. population is over 300 million people, making us the third-largest nations by numbers alone. The U.S. is currently the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world. But in terms of our per-capita consumption, we are by far the most overpopulated in the world! America would rather poke fun at Jon and Kate +8 and the Duggar family and their 19 kids and counting, than viewing them as environmental hazards! eliminate spread of terminal diseases such as AIDS, HIV America is in HUGE amount of debt Less people collect social security benefit = saving taxpayer's $$$ Resulting - early school drop out, get involve with gangs and drugs, early unplanned pregnancy... The cycle continues. The benefits of a two-child policy are in direct relation to the parents ability to adequately provide for them. The social impact is even more significant because it would determine the housing and economic needs of the entire society and its ability to sustain the population increase. Our current world population surpassed 6.8 billion people. According to the United States Census Bureau, the nation's population will reach at least 419 million by the year 2050, and could be as high as 1.2 billion by 2100. What will happen to our quality of life if our current population of 300 million quadruples? According to the Carrying Capacity Network, the U.S. will lose its ability to export food by about 2030 if current growth trends continue. This would cost us about $40 billion in annual income. If the US population continues to explode, the global economy will eventually have a serious problem with supply and demand as a result of our enormous per capita consumption of materials. Other economical impacts of overpopulation Live with less. Educate yourself and your family unprotected sex = major consequences! Or if you'd prefer...
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