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Selling to Children:The Marketing Of Cool

No description

Mary Meraz

on 18 October 2016

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Transcript of Selling to Children:The Marketing Of Cool

Selling to Children:The Marketing Of Cool
Playing with the Big Kids
Selling Cool
After reading Juliet Schor's essay "Selling to children: The marketing of Cool" I support many of her ideas about the relationships between companies and the ways in which they advertise to youth. She shows truth in her explanations of how the positive feedback loop of influence works, how we define what "cool" is and the strategic practice of age compression, although, she may have overestimated kids involvement in these practices.
Defining Cool
-Anti- Adult
- Unique
-Being associated with
the older crowd

"Advertisers have increasingly attempted to figure out what people already value and let those findings direct ads.." p. 221 middle of paragraph 9

Bringing the urban lifestyle to the middle class
Discussion Questions
Advertiser's Feedback Loop
-Symbolic of status
p.219 paragraph 2
1.) When it come to marketing business practices do you believe that advertisers should have as much control over the magazine the are being featured in? Do you see any alternative solutions to Steinem's problems?
p. 219 last paragraph
paragraph 6
2. What impact do you think that excessive age compression in advertisements can have on young children?
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