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No description

Sigi Neumann

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of SMART GRID

SMART GRIDS What are we facing? High,Medium and Low Voltage Area Montioring Smart Grid Example of an EMS and References Sigi`s Two Cents What are we facing? -
Oil High Cost of commodities Risk of Nuclear Energy Growing Needs Development of new regenerative resources Social Engineering Via Cables or overhead
5kV up to 38 kV
good exitsting monitoring system
working in both directions Distribution Grid one direction
supplies household and small companies
230V to 5KV
no or small monitoring
will gain importance in the next years Low Voltage Area -Power production
-Supplies medium voltage area
-one direction
-will get a new role as backup
at remote places "Central Generator" small and everywhere Decentralizied Suppliers -pumped storage hydro power station
-Batteries! Energy Storages Areas of Production and Consumption Monitoring and Controlling -your washing machine is just not smart enough
and propably will never be What? To recalculate the grid in order to detect any overload of
neighboring grid components Distribution Management System (DMS) Sounds an alarm that informs the operator of the event Outage Management System (OMS) "Provides the information on the utilitys website, so that
customers can find out for themselves, why they have no power"
EON Customer Information System (CIS) Creates a work order with the GIS data detailing where the
small transformer substation is for the people who are replacing the
transformer Work Management System (WMS) To show where, precisely, the event took place and which
region of it is affected Global Information System (GIS) Economic Plant Managment For customers with a demand larger than 100,000.00 kWh the Basic price is divided into Demand Charge and Basic Price Reducing Costs -collect informations from your devices
-supply limits
-savety distance Step1:Communicate with the System Step2:Avoid Load Peaks -Switch Devices on/off
-Switch Generators on/off

By considering…
-Minimum/maximum switch-on/-off times
-Frequency of switching
-Blocking times Step3: a/c/t Try to be as close as possible to the supply limit
To gain as much power as possible
To fulfill the delivery contract Step4:Optimize ZENON ENERGY EDITION
http://www.copadata.com/de/industrien/energy-infrastructure/energy-edition.html My Two Cents - Copadata.com
-Copadata Whitepapers(confidential)
-wikipedia.com REFERNCES: SIGI 2014 Bayrischer Landtag
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